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How Realistic is Your To-Do List? Are You Doing What’s on God’s To-do List?


Have you ever crossed off every item on your to-do list and still felt . . . swamped? you didn’t do enough?

That happened to me while on my study “vacation.” I didn’t realize that there is such a disparity between my written to-do list and my mental to-do list.

Another thing I do is “beat myself up” because I didn’t accomplish more. That’s not very fair, is it? I now resolve to be gentler and more realistic regarding my to-do lists.

You know what’s so cool though?

God never has a hidden agenda when it comes to His to-do list for us.

Are you burdened by impossible to-do lists? Just how do you DO it all? What is your resolve today? Finally, are you ticking off the most important things on God’s To-DO List for You?


The Forks Eloped With The Socks!


What a shock. Have you heard?
This elopement is so absurd.
The forks declared their undying love
To the socks who lived above.
Eating veggies with a spoon is lame
As my ill-clad feet hide in shame.

I wouldn’t have minded a few forks and pairs of socks going astray.

But ALL* of them.

Who has ever heard of missing forks?

Spoons, knives, and those treacherous socks – YES.

But the forks?
They are normally so well behaved.

I finally decided to do something about the fork situation.

Tonight I found 8 (mismatched) silvery forks with shiny tines

and a purple swirled mug for $1.25 at the thrift store.

I’m still waiting for the socks to come home.

I know.

I’m an optimist.



* Okay. Not all of them. Out of a service of 12 forks, I can only find 4.

Out of all my socks, maybe two have sole mates.


Can anybody relate? Anybody?

Finding Obadiah and Philemon Easily


Last night while at Bible Study M was flipping through her Bible finding the quoted references quickly. Then she shared a tip that has made her life easier.

Normally you find the Table of Contents about 10 pages into the book.

M printed this list on a piece of paper and glued it to the front page of her Bible. More discrete than tabs and looks nicer too.

Today’s tip share is being sponsored by Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. Click on over to read more ideas that can make your life easier.

“Everyone Can Help One Child,” said Twila Paris.


Recently Twila, World Vision and a Korean Kids Choir held a worship/informational service at First Covenant Church.

The stories and visuals stood in stark contrast to my cush life. My poorest/deprived day is unimagined wealth to a majority of the world.

Especially to the children.

I can give up some “extras” in my life to help a child. A cup of designer coffee . . . a Thrifty’s ice cream cone . . . an item from McDonald’s Dollar menu . . . a pair of clearance shoes from Wal-Mart . . . a gas station car wash.

Below are four ways you can help a child.

World Vision Opportunities
Of course, the intent of this evening was to present the extreme needs of the world’s children with the hope some would be sponsored.

The cost? $30.00 a month.

Some of us spend that amount without thinking. If that is you, would you consider sponsoring a child through World Vision?

$0.87 of every dollar goes directly to the child.

That monthly $26.10 gives your child clean water, nutritious food, health care, educational opportunities and spiritual nurture. Check out their website to sign up and to see other aid opportunities.

CAMA Services Opportunites
Our church is affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) denomination. We are known worldwide for our extensive missionary outreach programs. One arm of aid outreach is through CAMA services.

“CAMA” stands for Compassion and Mercy Associates. “Services” refers to a variety of relief and development ministries that flesh out the good news of God’s love for people—body and soul.

The CAMA services webpage has links to four areas of aid: relief services, medical services, CAMA crafts and priority projects. Each of these links lists ways you can help . . . with very few dollars in some cases. I.e. Under priority projects, “A gift of $15 a month provides needed supplies for an orphan.”

$15.00 is one afternoon at the movies.

Through CAMA your money can feed & clothe an orphan, provide a livelihood to a tsunami survivor, supply basic necessities (yes, still!) to a hurricane Katrina victim, dig pure wells and fit them with filters, or renovate a kindergarten in Israel.

You can be part of the emergency effort “to send food, blankets, mattresses and other relief supplies to Lebanese refugees who are streaming into [Beruit] communities.”

Your donation can be one time or ongoing. Whatever you and God decide.

Global Fellowship Opportunities
This non-profit organization supports and encourages 900+ missionaries & church planters worldwide in 14 countries around the world. The founders, Don & Kathy Oates have been involved in missions work for the past 20 years.

$50.00 a month pays for all the needs of a national church planter/evangelist.

Or you could help by supporting one child in one of the five orphanages in Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka. Or your money could go towards providing free health care for women and children. Go to the website for more opportunites.

Any dollar amount is helpful. A one time gift or ongoing.

100% of every dollar goes to the field. Don and Kathy take no salary for their work with Global Fellowship.

Operation Christmas Child thru Samaritan’s Purse
Each year our church participates in this program. Each November we strive to beat last year’s number of filled shoeboxes. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to fill a shoebox.

Kathy, our coordinator, says, “It’s our job to be good stewards of our money. The cost of filling one shoebox is a great investment.”“The blessing goes from the child upwards to the parents who often don’t have the financial means to give a gift to their child.

“For some children this is the first gift they’ve ever received.”

“Then the blessings go outwards to the community. And whole communities have been changed by one simple shoebox.”

Click here to get information or get a pamphlet from church in September.

The point is everybody can help a child.

I did it. Won’t you prayerfully consider how much you can share?

Do you have any other ideas on how we can help a child in need?

A Christmas Tale of Two Families


Excited shrieks reverberated throughout the downstairs as the children discovered the mounds of gifts under the tree. The tree, decorated with blinking lights, seemed to catch the excitement of the moment as each blink echoed the children’s cries, “It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas.”

Christmas 1996 was a magical slice of time for my family and I in CO.

Hysterical shrieks reverberated throughout the house as the parents discovered the empty bedroom of their 6 year old beauty queen. Later her broken, violated body was discovered in the basement where Christmas gifts were stored. Their tree, decorated with blinking lights, seemed to catch the hysteria of the moment as each blink echoed the mother’s heart-broken cry, “It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas.”*

Christmas 1996 was a never-ending nightmare for the Ramsey family in CO.

After a nightmare decade of dead-ends, wrongful accusations, and a never-ending speculative press, an arrest was made today in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Patsy, JonBenet’s mother, knew about the probability of this arrest in June before she died from ovarian cancer.

Snuggle and Pray
Back then as I heard the reports that haunted the news on that 1996 Christmas day, I snuggled my children often. And I prayed for the family. Today my children are not near enough or young enough to snuggle (without extreme protest). But I can still call and let them know of my love.

And I can still pray. Won’t you do the same?

I know nothing about the Benet family’s and friends’ religious convictions. But I have to ask, and I’m sure you have too, “How can anyone survive something like this without Christ?”

Unfair times, bad times, horrific times do occur, but there is a strong comfort and strength in the knowledge that nothing will separate me (or my children) from the saving love and grace that only God (through the Messiah) can give.

Do you know that saving grace? Do your children? If not, please take care of that here, here or here.

You never know when your last breath, or theirs, will be.

* This is a fictionalized account of that time frame. I have no knowledge of what was really said.

3 More Cookbook Details


1. Kids needed to submit recipes.
So far we have recipes from one kid; three more are planning on turning some in. Hey adults, help the kids you know to turn in a favorite recipe or two or three.

2. Help needed to type up cookbook.
If you can say yes to ALL the following, please contact Marsha today at

  • I want to help with this cookbook project.
  • I can type.
  • I have internet access.
  • I am comfortable with or able to work with internet software.

3. Order your Cookbooks today. Please pre-order your cookbook today by dropping off a check at the office or put it in the offering box. Be sure to mark that it’s for the All Church Cookbook. We hope to give out the books the first week or two in November. Each book costs $14.99.

Cookbook Deadline and Waistline Expanded by Marsha: Women’s Ministry & Guest Columnist


or How I personally expanded my world by working on this project

I really need to re-examine my involvement in this cookbook.

Received, cooked AND eaten some tasty recipes
Last Sunday I printed out many of the recipes, then I went to the grocery store. In a 24 hour period I’ve made, AND EATEN, Hashigami Chicken (Elaine), Cranberry Muffins with Berry Butter (Joan), Orzo and Shrimp Salad (Gillian) and I would have made Lemon Curd but the jelly jars I had didn’t have the lids.

Don’t forget I made Zucchini Rounds last weekend. AND, I also made White Chocolate Chip-Cranberry-Walnut cookies (recipe to go in the book) to take to the Believing God Study. I haven’t spent this much time total in my kitchen in months.

YIKES! At this rate I’m going to be more of an example of physical rather than spiritual growth, I assure you. It is torture reading these recipes – I drool, I fantasize, I COOK!

But may I say it was all DELICIOUS and I will soon be a larger, living testimony to the quality of the cookbook.

C’mon – send me your recipes today!
Keep those recipes coming – you’re in for a treat with this cookbook, if I can ever stop cooking and eating long enough to get it typed up. Contact me for forms or to turn in your recipes at

The new, absolutely last due date . . . August 27th.
The new, absolutely last due date to turn in recipes is Sunday, August 27th. Hurry, don’t miss out on this delicious experience.