A Christmas Tale of Two Families


Excited shrieks reverberated throughout the downstairs as the children discovered the mounds of gifts under the tree. The tree, decorated with blinking lights, seemed to catch the excitement of the moment as each blink echoed the children’s cries, “It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas.”

Christmas 1996 was a magical slice of time for my family and I in CO.

Hysterical shrieks reverberated throughout the house as the parents discovered the empty bedroom of their 6 year old beauty queen. Later her broken, violated body was discovered in the basement where Christmas gifts were stored. Their tree, decorated with blinking lights, seemed to catch the hysteria of the moment as each blink echoed the mother’s heart-broken cry, “It’s Christmas. It’s Christmas.”*

Christmas 1996 was a never-ending nightmare for the Ramsey family in CO.

After a nightmare decade of dead-ends, wrongful accusations, and a never-ending speculative press, an arrest was made today in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Patsy, JonBenet’s mother, knew about the probability of this arrest in June before she died from ovarian cancer.

Snuggle and Pray
Back then as I heard the reports that haunted the news on that 1996 Christmas day, I snuggled my children often. And I prayed for the family. Today my children are not near enough or young enough to snuggle (without extreme protest). But I can still call and let them know of my love.

And I can still pray. Won’t you do the same?

I know nothing about the Benet family’s and friends’ religious convictions. But I have to ask, and I’m sure you have too, “How can anyone survive something like this without Christ?”

Unfair times, bad times, horrific times do occur, but there is a strong comfort and strength in the knowledge that nothing will separate me (or my children) from the saving love and grace that only God (through the Messiah) can give.

Do you know that saving grace? Do your children? If not, please take care of that here, here or here.

You never know when your last breath, or theirs, will be.

* This is a fictionalized account of that time frame. I have no knowledge of what was really said.


About susan2009

I am a 58 year old female who just finished her BA in Theology/Christian Leadership. I was on the 30 year plan. I finally graduated seminary (2009)! . . . . I have two marvelous adult children that I am very proud of. . . . I have the extreme privilege of attending and working for the best church in No. CA. . . . I became a Christian 3 days before my 16th birthday. 35 years later I'm still growing. . . . AND . . . I'm going on a "God hunt;" will you join me? After all, how can I resist the One who calls ME daughter?

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