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I’ll Take She Loathes for 20


This Category Meme (which I pinched from Flippant) is a long one (102 items), but worth the read . . . IF you are curious, have time, and/or want to know more about me.

I have lived…

1. in California – southern, midstate and Sacramento area. I was born 3 months early in the Queen of Angels hospital in Los Angeles. My mom was so frazzled when it came time to take me home from the hospital, she forget the paperwork and had to go back. When my grandma Ruby called to see what the hold up was, Mom said, “I had to go back home to get papers for that @%$# baby.”

2. in a co-ed dorm at Linfied College, Oregon. Back then I didn’t have freckles I had rust spots.

3. in fear because I knew the boogey man under my bed really came in through the window. I had this fear until my late 30’s.

4. in Anchorage, Alaska – where I learned how to ice skate at recess, got my tongue frozen-stuck on the tether ball pole, slept-walked into the woods near our house and caught my first fish (a rainbow trout).

5. in Texas – I hated that we moved away Dec. of of my Junior year. I really, REALLY wanted to be on the 100 member Dixie Darling team. On my 16th birthday, some of my friends gave me a racy, very indiscreet magazine during spanish class. I turned so red and scolded my friends so loudly, I GOT caught and sent to the principle’s office. 3 days before my 16th bd, I became a Christian.

6. in Canada. That’s where we moved in Dec of 1975. I once lost my boyfrind while the two of us were riding on a skidoo across the lake. I couldn’t go back and find him because I also lost my contacts. Well, really a friend drank them, but that’s another story. Our first week in Ft. MacMurray, Alberta, we met a girlfriend (Louise) I knew when we lived . . .

7. in Puerto Rico. Louise and I first met in Junior High (middle school for you younger readers) at a private school in Ponce. I wore a blue plaid uniform which I loved. My first day of junior high I was so nervous I stuttered all day. I also lost my shorts because I was throwing them up and down – on one toss I miscalutated and they went over the wall (which didn’t go the ceiling) landing right on top of the librarian’s desk.

8. in New York on the shores of Lake Champlain. I was in preschool then and liked to climb on things. Back then, they didn’t chain down or cement the multi-tiered candy machines. I climbed on one and it fell right on top of me. On the ride, in the ambulance, to the emergency room, I didn’t say one thing. Sure sign of something wrong! Turns out, I was just scared stiff (and silent).

9. longer than both my parents – whom I miss very much.

10. long enough to know that dinosaurs are real and that pluto (the planet) isn’t.

10a. in England. I learned how to drive a stickshift (traumatic experince) on the left side of the road (no big deal). It was the almost perfect place to live in terms of beauty, history, neighborhood layout, and proximity to the ocean. I wish I appreciated it more then.

I have witnessed . . .

11. the wonder of the birth of two of my nieces. So awesome. I even got to cut the cord for one of them. The daddy declined and I volunteered so quickly, I startled the doctor. But I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass.
12. the salvation and the baptism of my two children. I cried tears of joy at both occassions.
13. the powerful, majestic beauty of a glacier.
14. the healing touch from God for my depression (after suffering for decades).
15. door-to-door for an all town evangelistic event in Ft. MacMurray.
16. the destructive nature of unforgiveness, anger and hate.
17. God’s redeeming power changing people from what they were (dead & defeated) to what they are – victorious, glorious, Saints.
18. how easy it is to believe bad things about a person without checking out if it’s true.
19. sacrificial love to selfish grabbing in a matter of hours in the same person – sometimes it’s me.
20. the excitement of my children when they believed that the sound they heard in the loch was really Nessie.

I have heard. . .

21. music that inspired me and depressed me.
22. a cuckoo bird (in England).
23. God’s still voice.
24. precious vows: “I now pronounce you man and wife.”
25. disallusionment pronouncement: “This marriage between x and y is now hereby dissolved.”
26. my children’s first words. Tim said ball and Elizabeth said Mama.
27. baby belly laugher and then HAD to laugh myself.
28. screams of dispair.
29. worship so Spirit-led the Angels HAD to be there. In fact, I kept my eyes closed because I was truly afraid to open them to see the angels. I then understood why every encounter (in the Bible) between an angel and human started with the angel saying, “Don’t be afraid.”
30. God’s delight in me and the affirmation that I am His, forever.

I have lost . . .

31. my car in multiple parking lots. That’s why I was so pleased that my present car has a panic beeper button.
32. my keys, cell phone, purse and tv remote more times than I can count. In fact, the remote is still lost.
33. my day-to-day and long term memory. Is there anything left?
34. the ability to be childlike and spontaneous.
35. interest in reading comics.
36. time engrossed in a good book or walking along the beach.
37. all shame when it comes to talking about my kiddos, nieces or ministry. I am, with God’s help, losing all my shame from the past.
38. patience with my children when they younger. That is one of my biggest regrets.
39. track of what is happening in LOST.
40. my best friend.

I have found . . .

41. eternal salvation.
42. $300 on the floor of the Reno airport.
43. my church.
44. I like living alone – even though I get scared at night sometimes.
45. it is still hard for me to NOT be a people-pleaser.
46. I LOVE working on a team.
47. out that the internet has amazing troves of treasures and can keep me up way too late, way too often.
48. the ice cream in the shower, the remote in the freezer, and the phone in the car (it’s not a cell phone either).
49. peace amidst turmoil.
50. there is life after love (and divorce).

I love . . . (God, family and friends go without saying.)

51. my neighbor and friend from Engalnd, Jo. Although I had moved scores of times previously, this was my first majour move as an adult. It was scary. Jo and her family became our family.
52. thinking up new ideas for Women’s Ministry to do.
53. how God loves me even though He knows ALL about me.
54. beautiful houses in beautiful neighborhoods.
55. walking on the beach.
56. eating dessert first.
57. America.
58. discovering God’s will for me.
59. studying & researching on all topics, but especially the Bible.
60. my memories, even the not so pleasant ones because they contributed to who I am today.
60a. that Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed anti-family bills AB 606 and AB 1056.

I can . . .

61. finish seminary despite an unpromising start.
62. make a funny fish face.
63. do all things through Christ.
64. reach my God-given goals.
65. be a good sport even after making a fool of myself. Come to CNC’s FEST on Oct 6 to see me compete in a DDR competition.
66. be too serious too much of the time.
67. encourage others well.
68. conquer my fear of public speaking.
69. be guillible.
70. eat in a restaurant by myself and enjoy it.

I loath . . .

71. pornography because it dehumanizes the subjects and destroys the lookers. I’ve seen it happen.
72. black widow spiders. When I see one I get all shivery.
73. legalism.
74. music that has high, shrilly parts – it hurts my ears and I can’t think.
75. people believing lies about themselves, others, and God.
76. going to the dentist and eye doctor.
77. paying tax hikes when so much of our money is ill spent.
78. desceptive advertising.
79. junk email.
80. seeing satan win any battles.

I hope . . .

81. to see my departed, believing family and friends in heaven. (This hope I have is the certain kind, not the wish kind).
82. I can get my MA by the end of 2008.
83. my kiddos find peace, meaning, & love in Christ soon.
84. I’ll keep in touch with my WJU classmates.
85. to go on a mission trip.
86. to work overseas.
87. to someday buy myself a cherry red convertible.
88. I am a gentle, wise, encouraging leader.
89. to create and maintain a lifestyle that has margin.
90. I’ll paint my room (purple) before Christmas.

I am trying . . .

91. to clean out the garage.
92. to memorize Scripture. Since I’ve lost my memory this is a tricky one.
93. to not let my fears make choices for me.
94. discern how to be a good mom to adult children.
95. to visit my kiddos in San Francisco.
96. to make exercise a priority.
97. to get my photos in order.
98. learn spanish.
99. write letters (by hand) more often.
100. to figure out how to LIVE as a single woman.

Now, who to tag? Whoever has enough time and words to do this. You can even pick just one category to fill in. Be sure to linkback or leave a message here to let me know you did this.


What surprise ingredient do you put in your eggs?


. . . horeseradish?
. . . sherry?
. . . seaweed?
. . . pureed vegetables?
. . . any and every leftover?

My 4 year old niece has a surprising addition, if you are game.

Below is her recipe for Arnez Scrambled Eggs.
You will also find it in the CNC cookbook coming soon to . . .
a Women’s Ministry team member near YOU!

1. Crack in two eggs in a big bowl that’s clean. Throw away the eggshells.
2. Take a fork and poke at the egg yolks. And then stir it.
3. You can put strawberries in. [The surprise ingredient.]

4. Put the eggs in a pan that has a fire under it.
5. You get a spoon to pick up the cooked eggs to put them on a plate.
6. Put catsup but not Ranch [dressing] on the eggs.
7. Put everything away and wash the bowl and fork out.
NOTE: Orange juice would be a good match for this breakfast.

by Emily Arnez – age 4

The cookbook has other recipes just as darling!

Doesn’t that make you want to grab your checkbook and send in $14.99 to the church right NOW!

Seriously, how do you like your eggs?
I like mine dry with lots of white pepper and two pieces of buttered, wheat toast. Please smear one slice with marmalade. Oh, and a cup of English Breakfast Tea steeped for 3 minutes with a slurp of milk.

The Me-Me-Me-Me! Meme: Famous in Our Own Lunchtimes


Meme rthymes with dream. Just so ya know, I just learned this.

1. What do you like most about where you live?
Hands down it has to be the people. I don’t live in the prettiest area or the quietest one. The weather is too hot for too long. The falling oaks leaves (from my heritage oak tree) drive me to distraction with the constantly accumulating leaf piles. But, the people are worth it all. And I’m not just talking about the most beautiful nieces ever.

1.b. Where would you most like to live?
This is not one of the original questions, but since this is all about me-me-me-me! I can make additions. And they can be fanciful!

  • In England in a thatched-roof house in a small village with a lyrical name like Chipping Campden in the Cotwsolds. Ellen Isaacs took the above photo.
  • In a (fully modernized) hut on a beach of Figi.
  • In a Rain Forest in a Swiss Family Robinson-style tree house. Again fully modernized and stocked.
  • In a room-with-a-view of the sea life in an underwater city.
  • In a snowbound cabin in Maine stocked with everything I’d need for the whole winter.
  • A six month stint on the international space station.
  • Finally, in a Christian commune.

2. Is there anything strange about where you live?
I think it is particularly strange when someone is animatedly talking into a cellphone while walking down the street holding hands with someone else. I see a lot of people doing this, young and old. My feelings would be so hurt if I were the ignored hand-holder.

3. What’s one of your all-time favourite music albums, and why?
In my younger year’s it was With Love, Bobby.
I did a quick internet search to see of I could find the cover of that album. When this page loaded andI saw all those pix of Bobby, my stomach did a small flip-flop. (It really did.) I suddenly felt what it was like to be so in love with him. I’d play that LP constantly and of course I’d daydream about boys. I even immortalized one boy on the back of my dresser by writing, “Susie heart Carl”.

Lyrics to many of his songs can be found here in case you need to know.

When Bobby sang Julie, do you love me?, I wished my name were Julie. Well until I’d hear Donny Osmond sing Donna. I was a bit fickle in my affections. Bobby, Donny and David Cassidy all had huge parts of my affection. However, Bobby usually had the prime spot because I adored Here Come the Brides and I once saw him perform at Disneyland (my very favorite playground).

Did you know that Bobby is now an EMT in So Cal?

4. Did you have a passion for something as a kid that you still have now? (If not – what is one of your passions now?)
Talking.* I talked a blue streak. About everything. And non-stop at times. In school the teachers would sit me up front as a way to curb my tongue. I once had to go to the principal for talking. My report cards were little tattle tells. Luckily for all who knew me, I spewed in spurts.

Now, I mostly talk in my head and listen (receive). I’ve learned how to complete the circle of communication so that it includes a sender and a receiver.

* In another meme I talked about my childhood passion to be a doctor. It’s under the All About Me link that is supposed to be on the right side of this page. For some undetermined reason this file is content to stay hidden.

5. What do you like most about having a blog?
Sometimes I still get that urge to just talk and talk and talk and talk. I want to get it out of my head. A blog is one place to do that. I can spew and you have the choice of whether or not you’ll pay attention.

And you control the when. Just because I feel like talking doesn’t mean you feel like listening. But it’s really cool when someone enters into a conversation with the writer (of the post) or another commenter.

Plus I like that it can be a verbal scrapbook of someone’s life. That’s the reason I created this blog: so that others will know what I am doing with my time. But because I like to talk (via writing) I include other bits of me too.

Pick 3 (or more) people and give them the opportunity to be Famous in Our Own Lunchtimes.
Infortunately most people who read this don’t have blogs. This includes Lennie, Duker, Sista and Catlady. Doodah and I were tagged by Tonia. Maybe I have some lurkers who would like to be famous?

Postscript: Doodah said in her meme that she likes having a blog because, “It isn’t really appropriate to interject an “essay” into a conversation.” That is so what I want to do sometimes. I picture my ideal life being like a musical where at the right times, I could burst into song, and have center stage as I express my thoughts with clarity and beauty.

A blog is my center stage. I apologize that I don’t always “sing” with clarity or beauty. Hopefully time and practice will improve both.

Oh and one more thing, it was so cool (to me) when I found out that several of my posts came up in a Google search! That’s almost like being famous. (IMHO). I know it’s also silly.