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Decorations Can be Emotional Bombs


I found that out when I started sorting all my Christmas decorations. Many had positive emotions connected to them.

  • Like the one my ds made that has lots of eyes glued to it – the LORD is an ever-seeing, ever-present God.

  • My dd rolled a blown brown egg in red, blue and green glitter.

  • Of course, both children made several renditions of Mr. & Mrs. Clause out of Styrofoam balls, felt, and cotton. 

But then there’s the one my dh and I bought on a trip to Hawaii.

  • We also bought one in Belgium and London.

  • The year we had our house built in CO, my dd and I took a 2×4 from the site. We cut it down and painted a Mr. & Mrs. Bunny Claws. Cute. But full of memories that now cause pain.

My first instinct is to throw them all away. I don’t want to have any items around that remind me of my failed marriage. That’s why I wanted a Christmas tree that’s so different from any we had in the past. I wanted new memories. New associations.


But, if I throw these “emotional bomb decorations” away, will I be sorry in 10 years?


What do you advise? I know some of you have gone through similar situations. Please comment and lmk what has or hasn’t worked for you.


Turn These in Today

  • Secret Sister “All About Me” form is due January 14th.

    Pick one up at the Secret Sister bookcase. Or I can email you one. Please consider joining. This is a rewarding program.

  • Retreat 2007 signups are under way. Turn in your deposit ($50.00) and registration today.    

    14/70. Know what this means?

    14 women have already taken one of the 70 slots. Act today!

  • $14.99. So you can buy a cookbook of course!


4th Annual Ladies Tea: Feb. 24, 2007


Ladies, as we listen to our speaker, we’ll have tea and brunch. Put this 10 am happy event on your calendar. We’ll accept RSVP’s in Feb.


3/10. Know what that stands for? 

We have filled 3 of the 10 hostess slots for this tea. Please sign up today, if you are interested in being a table hostess. Call Susan Wright at 635-5992.


“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”

Chaim Potok: The

M&M Saturday Countdown


3rd Saturday of selected months; 9-10:30 a.m. in Rudat Hall.

2 goals: friendship and biblical answers.

1 great way to make 2007 a year to remember.


Our 1st Mug and Muffin (M&M) Saturday is Jan. 20th.

Tickets are available mid January from the office or any Women’s Ministry team member

I Promise: That 2007 Will Be Great Year for Ladies


Hi CNC Ladies,

Much is happening in 2007: M&M Saturdays, Annual Tea, Secret Sisters, Retreat. Of course, buy a cookbook!

To read the specific details download the attachment and keep it handy.

I hope your holiday preparations are going well.

  • I’ve sorted through most of the Christmas boxes. My intent is to divide all the decorations amongst my children and I.
  • My tree (a white one) is up and gorgeous. I’ve gone with a red, gold and green theme. Plus I’ve hung the ornaments my children have made throughout the years. If you are in the area, I’d love for you to come visit. Maybe I’ll figure out how to take a photo and post it here.
  • The Christmas cards are not done.At this point I may not get to that. They are bought. Some are even addressed. But I haven’t written our Christmas letter. I can’t send the cards without that!
  • The presents are all bought (except one). They are wrapped in red paper waiting for green/red/gold bows to be attached. I’ve never wrapped all my pressies in one color before. It looks festive.
  • So what’s on your agenda for today?

Opinion: CNC Ladies Tea is a MUST Attend Event


The 4th Annual missionary tea/brunch is on the calendar for Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007;10 am in Rudat Hall.

 The Women’s Ministry is looking for 10 ladies to hostess tables. Each lady will decorate her table and then take care of the ladies at her table. The church has pletny of tea cups should a hostess need some.

 Let me know if you are interested. Spread the word. Dowload the advertisement flyer by clicking on the link below….

Tea Flyer Download

Please lmk if you can see it ok? I’m still learning here.

The pdf file was made into an insert for this week’s  church bulletin. The one for church had a tea bag glued to it!

The Nativity Filled Our Time and Minds


Sunday’s To-do List included:

X Worship at Church
X Clean house for Welcome Home party
X Decorate for party
X Make chocolates for party
X Practice Our Show for party
X Go to Dollar store to buy gifts for party
X Go to movies to see The Nativity

Going to the movies was a way to fill time until the party. And it was a fun way to fill our minds with the Christmas Story.

Things I liked about the movie:

  • The actors did not have white skin, blue eyes, and an American accent.
  • The scenery (for lack of a better word) was great. I liked seeing how the dress, buildings, landscape, and jobs (olive crushing, harvesting, shepherding) might have been done during Biblical times.
  • It showed how it was a dangerous time. The people were captives to the Romans and Herod. There was great tension. It was obvious that the people needed a Rescuer, a Saviour.
  • Some struggles Mary, Joseph and her parents have are revealed. I.e. It was a very courageous thing for Mary to say to the Angel, “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.” Then the angel left her. Saying “yes” to God meant hardship for herself and her family.
  • It was mostly faithful to the Biblical account. Some of the timing of the events seemed out-of-order, but this did not hinder the enjoyment or effectiveness of the movie.

Other comments:

  • About ¾’s of the way through my nieces (5, 9,10) started to fidget. This is not a high action movie. I haven’t asked them yet if they thought it was too long.
  • It has illusions to violence and real life pain. Like when . . . A daughter is forcibly taken by soldiers as payment for taxes . . . Herod’s soldiers kill the babies 2 and under . . . Rebels are punished and seen crucified . . . Elizabeth and Mary have their babies. There is a lot of screaming but no blood and gore. . . Mary, her family and Joseph are ostracized by their village because of Mary’s untimely pregnancy . . . John the Baptist is circumcised (as a baby).

    The movie does not dwell on these things, but it is good to know about in case you want to have follow-up talks with your kiddos.

    I LOVED Joseph. His character was the most developed one in the movie. His care for Mary is evident from the beginning and is so touching. He also displays great courage in taking Mary as a wife and taking the two of them on that 100 mile trek to Bethlehem. I had no idea it was so difficult.

    This movie does provide plenty of subjects to talk about with your children. Especially the courageousness Mary and Joseph displayed when following God’s will. The older two nieces were grossed out that a teenage Mary (like around BW’s age) would have to marry someone so old (like around my son’s age).

    I also LOVED that the audience clapped at the conclusion. Christ’s entrance into the world certainly does deserve clapping. How Mary and Joseph responded to God’s will deserve clapping. Isn’t that a fitting way to end a movie about Christ?

    What comments do you all have about The Nativity? Leave a comment or write an entry on your blog and let us know.