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How Well Do You Know?


Just because you’ve read something a bunch of times, doesn’t mean you really know it. Last week part of my Old Testament homework was to read Exodus and Leviticus. No sweat – I’ve read both dozens of times (at least) throughout the years.

I was confident that I could pass any test on it.  So when I came to this site about reading the Old Testament, I embarked here and here on the test-taking advernture with confidence.

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Almost 500?!


My stats say I’ve written 160 posts and have almost 500 comments.

Since my sista talks about contests on her site, let’s talk about one here. Just for grins, let’s say the person who posts the 501st comment wins something.

The winner will be memorialized on this site and receive a cake in a mug kit. Any other ideas?

So the 501st commenter wins. Let the games begin.

Susan’s Antidote for a Terrible, Horrible, Just Bad Day


Ever have a day when a “bad” evening is actually a  step up from your “horrible” afternoon”? When you realize that you are just “clueless”? Yeah, me too.

For those who love God, every day is a good day (Rom. 8:28). It may not look like a good day, or feel like it; but when God is working His plan, we can be sure of the best.

It is when we fail to trust Him or obey Him, when our love for Him grows cold, that life takes on a somber hue. If we walk in God’s wisdom, we will enjoy His blessings” (The Bible Exposition Commentary by W. Wiersbe).

I’d like to walk in God’s wisdom. How about you? What do you think that means anyway?

I’m Letting Y’all Know What I NEED to DO Today


Mrs. Wilt is daring us to beat procrastination by making our intentions public.  

Here’s my list and if I fail will someone hang me by my toes?

  • Read 4 chapters in The Case for Progressive Dispensationalism by Robert Saucy – start paper.
  • Read pp 131-169 in Integrative Theology by Gordon Lewis – start paper.
  • Investigate I Corinthians 2:1-16 and 2 Peter 1:12-21. Write paper.
  • Read Exodus 21-40.

There’s more, but I’d be thrilled to accomplish this.

BTW – a few prayers from y’all would be appreciated too.  :-0

Cleaning Toilets Part 2


I Thought Doodah had some great points and wanted to put them here.

Cool article! I like how he calls them “not-yet believers.”

I also like how he stresses that we aren’t called to reach everyone, but just the ones that God gives to us. When I started re-thinking “ministry,” (see comment in previous post) I spent a lot of time thinking of Jesus praying in the garden about how he had “not lost any of the ones you gave to me…” That means that God gave Jesus special people to pour into, and if I am to be like Jesus, God has given me special people to pour into too.

I’m getting better at discerning when someone is one of my special people, although I still think I’m pre-programmed to want to connect with everyone who crosses my path! Listening is hard!

One more thing I like in this story, is the idea that people are interested in the genuine article rather than just lip service. They can see “fake” a mile away, and they can’t stand it! But even the harshest critic of Christianity will acknowledge a person who lives out their faith in tangible ways. Its like our behavior earns us the right to be heard.

Wow – gas station toilets!

Using Time Wisely


Do you ever get stuck with too much to do in a short amount of time?

That seems to be my mode since school started. I am trying to get down a workable schedule so that I am not scrambling from one project to the next. And so I don’t forget to do some things. Yes, I’m ashamed to say that I have.  😦

I need prayers on how to balance my schedule.

Servant Evangelism Can Mean Cleaning Toilets


I read this article today.

This article has me thinking. Read my previous post for my reaction. How about you? What’s your response to this topic?

The three main points from the article are:

  1. People don’t listen to what leaders say – they listen to what we do.
  2. All people – in all cultures – have built into their hearts a sensitivity to the acts of Jesus.
  3. To make a “dent” in our city we need to listen to the Spirit for His specific assignment to us.