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20 Acts of Kindness Ideas to Celebrate 200th Post


Seems like yesterday (actually July 2006) when I started this addictive medium of expression.

And I have enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for reading and sharing your lives with me.

To celebrate, I’d love it if you all would join me in doing something meaningful for 20 minutes. If 10 of us did that, that would be 200 minutes. What a great way to celebrate a 200th post.

You could . . .

  • Do one or more random acts of kindness.
  • Write an encouragement note or two on real paper.
  • Make food (meal, muffins, cookies, hot chocolate mix) for someone.
  • Delurk and comment for 20 minutes.
  • Play with a child.
  • Take someone’s dog for a walk.
  • Give spring flowers to your post lady.
  • Take a “praying” walk.
  • Wrestle in prayer about forgiving someone. And then do so.
  • Weed out some of your good stuff and give it to one in need.
  • Read something encouraging.
  • Sing to God – maybe even make up your own words.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Swallow your criticism and praise instead.
  • Call a lonely person and let them talk.
  • Do someone’s chore anonymously.
  • Hug 20 people.
  • Buy someone a “just because” gift.
  • Write up your gratitude list.
  • Look at your finances, find an extra bit of money and tithe it.

Share what you did. I’ll share mine too!


My First Ash Wednesday Service


The lights were low. Candles were lit and cloistered around tall wooden crosses. The overhead screen asked us to thoughtfully prepare ourselves for the upcoming service. People bowed their heads and quietly sat in meditaion. The smell of carnations filled the sanctuary.

To me, carnations are the smell of death.

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Habakkuk Gleanings in Three Areas: God, Believers and Unbelievers


What does this passage teach us about God or His creation or their relationship to each other?   

I have organized my thoughts around 3 areas: God, Believers and Unbelievers.God . . . 

  • Sometimes the Lord is silent and does not answer the call of His people
  • How God rights unjust situations is not always understandable by man.
  • Sometimes God uses the wicked to punish His people.
  • God’s timetable regarding justice is not the same as man’s timetable.
  • God will answer at the appointed time, when He sees fit.
  • One day God’s glory will fill the earth and not all this greed, violence, covetousness, murder, drunkenness and idolatry.
  • The Lord is alive, on His throne and has an actual dwelling place.
  • God has placed prophecies in the Bible. Read the rest of this entry

Lent Quiz


True or False

  • I have never celebrated Lent.
  • Lent is 46 days before Easter.
  • Fasting from food and activities occurs during Lent.
  •  Fasting is not allowed on Sundays and so are not counted as one of the days of Lent. This is why Lent is said to be 40 days long.
  • Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent.
  • The black ashes put on your forehead (on Ash Wednesday) signify repentance before God.
  • Offering can also be a part of Lent.

All the above are True.

During this season I want to . . .

  • Investigate fasting, its meaning, and application to my life.
  • Have God reveal how I may obey and honor Him more.

I am new to this traditional worship. Please pass on your ideas and suggestions.

Two Meditation Questions


This week I am reading and meditating on Habakkuk.

The class assignment is to write 10 or more bullet points indicating my most significant observations in two areas.

  • What does this passage teach us about God or His creation or their relationship to each other?

  • What does this passage offer to aid me in my Christian growth and how will I apply it?

It would be cool if you all joined me in my meditaion hunt. For the next several days, let’s just discover what this passage teaches us about God or His creation or their relationship to each other. Do you think we can find more than 10 things?

So who’ll be the first to share?

Tithing and Living By Grace

  • I was sitting on the hearth of the fireplace with an individual who was considering becoming part of Mosaic. He turned to me and asked if Mosaic was a law church or grace church.

It was pretty obvious to me that he was setting a trap, so I thought I would go ahead and jump in. I said, “Well, of course we’re a grace church.”

“I thought so,” he replied. “I was concerned that you were one of those law churches that told people they had to tithe.”

“Oh, no,” I said. We’re a grace church.

  • The law says, ‘Do not murder.’ Grace says you don’t even have to have hatred in your heart; you can love your enemy.
  • The law says, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ but grace says you don’t even have to have lust in your heart for another woman.
  • The laws says, ‘Give 10 percent,’ but grace always takes us beyond the law. You can give 20, 30, or 40 percent. We would never stop you from living by grace.”

He looked at me and said, “Oh” – a profoundly theological response.

The above story is from An Unstoppable Force(pp 204-205) by Erwin McManus. I read that story tonight and thought it went well with the study Pastor Mike is leading us through on The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn.

The subtitle of Alcorn’s book is Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving. I reckon that’s what a grace immersed heart does – joyfully gives.

Alcorn and McManus both declare that one way grace wins is by keeping our focus on God, His priorities, and our grateful response.

Everything I’m hearing and reading these days has to do with this issue. Today on a John Piper CD, he said to be mindful of when we spend our money on things because we won’t be allowed to bring a U-Haul to Heaven. The CD is Desiring God and really isn’t about tithing!

Let me share one more quote from McManus. Warning – this is a faith stretcher. At least it was for me.

We believe that the use of money is a deeply spiritual issue and that how you give is an honest refection of your heart toward God . . . The sacrifice of time and energy, of unique skills and talents, is the overflow of a spirit of generosity. If people are selfish with money, you’ll never get their real contributions” (220).

Wow, that last sentence pinched. I allow my fear to tell God “no” to giving all the tithe He asks of me. I am telling Him “no” to His sovereign control of my life. Instead of living in faith (and grace) I AM living in fear.

I am tired of living in fear. I am tired of  saying “no” to God. Even in the very small areas like . . .

  • Making a call to someone I don’t know very well.
  • Reconciling the checkbook.
  • Starting the final I  know I can’t do.

I so appreciate your examples, prayers, and accountability. And I so appreciate that God gives me plenty of opportunities to live by His grace.

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