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6 Words That Define Philosophy of Life


Jesus might say one of the following:

  1. The Father and I are One.
  2. Greatness? Humble servant, always obedient.
  3. I always do the Father’s will.
  4. My life, for yours, for eternity.

Saint Augustine could be quoted as saying:

  1. Desire what I know God desires.

The Westminster Larger Catechism says:

  1. Glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Somethings I say:

  1. Don’t let fear make your decisions.
  2. Walk with your eyes forward. Ouch! (I added the ouch to make it 6 words.)
  3. Do not make decisions at night.

Wondering what I’m doing? The other day, Theresa from Stitches of Grace sent me this meme. I keep thinking about it. Even in my dreams.

I’ve written 2 other posts about it. One is what others say is their 6 word philosophy. The other one is my reply.

Writing my reply has given me perspective on life. Upon further contemplation, I think I have a ways to go. I’m still so self-centered. In reality my life does not always match up to my philosophy: Joyful Hope, Patient Affliction, Faithful Prayer.

I don’t want to be a complainer who doubts hope. I don’t want to be bitter about my afflictions. I don’t want to be feckless in prayer. It is EASY to do the don’ts.

I want to live an uncommon life of being joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.

Father God, fill me with Your Spirit’s joy, patience and faithfulness. Help me to remember that life on Earth is an ongoing task that is sometimes hard, therefore, requiring hope, patience, and prayer. Give me Your power to live life in obedience and to live life well. Amen.


11 Generations Particpate in 6 Word Philosophy of Life Meme


Thinking at the ruinsI’ve been reading the answers people have been leaving to this meme. It’s causing me to think some more; AND the opportunity to investigate blogs outside my norm.

Since I’m the curious sort, I investigated to see how far back this meme goes. Looks like about 11 generations. Heidi (who lives in the Netherlands) is the first person mentioned. Heidi has 2 blogs and I wasn’t able to find the original post. Her blogs are as follows: Celebrate the Seasons, Needle Necessities. She is also part of a group blog titled Creative Home Life.

  1. Heidi from the Netherlands tagged Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses. Rhondi’s answer is . . . Laughed, cried, worked, played, loved, prayed. Rhondi tagged Deb of Posted From Home.
  2. Deb’s six words are: Live Life With a grateful heart. Deb of Posted From Home tagged Tara from Days Missed on a Hammock.
  3. Tara’s philosophy is . . . Make Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons. Tara from Days Missed on a Hammock tagged Oliver Rain.
  4. Oliver Rain’s answer is . . . Everything Works Out in the End. Oliver Rain tagged My Cakies.
  5. My Cakies lives by the following philosophy . . . Enjoy God & Make Him Known. (Side note Look here for a beautiful felt crown for a princess. Can you tell I’m a princess at heart?) My Cakies tagged Jenny at Babyfingers.
  6. Jenny’s answer is . . . Exit your comfort zone everyday. Jenny from Babyfingers tagged Julie at the Knotted Apron Strings.
  7. Julie’s contribution is “Do the Math . . . Count Your Blessings.Julie at Knotted Apron Strings tagged Theresa from Knitting Non Pareil.
  8. Theresa’s answer is . . . Learn to love who you are. Theresa from Knitting NonPareil tagged Theresa from Stitches of Grace.
  9. Theresa’s 6 words philosophy is . . . . Seek first the kingdom of God. Theresa from Stitches of Grace tagged me. My answer is Joyful Hope. Patient Affliction. Faithful Prayer. So far none of those I’ve tagged have responded.
  10. Theresa also tagged Amy from Journaling Back to Joy. Her 3 people have answered. Teresa, The Virginia Queen Bee’s Answer: When I am weak, then I am strong. Perri’s, My Life in Bits & Pieces wrote: God’s in control, I’m at peace. Michelle at Happy Mom 777 also said: Seek first the Kingdom of God.

This was fun researching. So many wonderful projects, photos, thoughts and recipes to look at. Have a looksee and tell me what struck your eye. Either on the blogs or about the 6 word summaries.

Also let me know if we can go back further than Heidi. Thanks. ­čÖé

My 6 Word Philosophy of Life Brings Perspective


Coming up with my Philosophy of Life took some thinking. What is my philosophy of life? What truths do I follow consciously or unconsciously?

And it took 12 tries:

  1. God loves me. Live like it.
  2. First things first. Forget the rest.
  3. Weary but still hanging in there.
  4. Live life on purpose every day.
  5. Forgetting is easy, forgiving is hard. (At 50, forgetting is a natural talent.)
  6. Friends are treasures. Tell them often.
  7. Loving God. Loving others. Loving myself.
  8. Life is hard. Deal with it.
  9. I love being mom, auntie, sister.
  10. Breathe. Eat. Read. Walk. Think. Talk.
  11. Forgive often. Pray always. Love now.
  12. Joyful Hope, Patient Affliction, Faithful Prayer.

I choose #12 as my 6 word philosophy of life.

It comes from Romans 12:12: Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. This has been my on-again, off-again verse for the year for many years. It gives me proper perspective on how to handle life. It also reminds me that life here on earth is short, has a purpose, and is preparation for a greater forever destiny – Heaven. Most importantly it reminds me that Someone (God) is in control, has the answers and power and wants to share both with those who ask and obey.

This meme was brought to you by . . . . Theresa from Stitches of Grace . She tagged 3 people (me, Lynette and Amy) for this meme.

Memes have rules. Here are the rules:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you. Done.
  2. Post the rules. Done.
  3. Share a 6 word philosophy of life. Done.
  4. Tag 3 other people. I’ll tag 6 because in RSVPing there is usually a 50% chance of a No: Lori, Doodah, RunningShoes, Jenny, Alanna, Can’t Backspace. It would be awesome if either Catlady or Duker left their 6 word philosophy in the comment section.

Be warned. This is not as easy as it looks. Be sure to let me know if you do participate.

11 Hot Air Balloon Observations


11 observations while in my 5oth birthday present – a hot air balloon ride on Saturday, April 19, 2008, Napa Valley, CA.

  1. I’m terrified of heights. When walking across the highest suspension bridge in the world located in Canon City, Colorado . . . . atop an aqua duct in France . . . . while navigating the catwalk in many castles in England, I was sacred white and legless. BUT NOT in a hot air balloon at 1000 feet. My son was sure I’d claw gouges into his arm from fear.
  2. Obey the signs. Except when following the instructions are not in our best interest. There was a HUGE Land Here sign carved into a grassy field. It was tempting to land there. But the pilot wasn’t able to navigate the air currents just right so that we could land safely. He assessed the situation and decided to make a new plan. We liked that better because we got to fly 20-30 minutes longer.
  3. Unseen air currents do the unexpected. So it was necessary for the pilot to carefully watch how the balloons in front and behind him were flying. He also asked for help from those on the ground. Our pilot was surrounded with help before, behind, and underneath. And of course in the basket with us was a simple instrument panel.
  4. My glasses stayed on my face. For some reason I thought my glasses would have this urge to leap off my face. Never happened.
  5. It was noisier in the balloon than I thought. The release of the gas made for a noisy, heated time. The taller people were advised to wear a hat in order to protect their head from the heat.
  6. It was colder than I expected. The guide told us to NOT over-dress because the heat from the balloon would be sufficient. At the last minute I decided to grab my gloves and winter jacket. Good move – I used both as it was still nippy even with the heat descending upon our heads.
  7. Our pilot was a pro. Evidently Bob is one of the best pilots around. In the winter, Bob flies air balloons in Switzerland. A lot of those trips are 2-3 hours and come with food and wine to consume during the ride. We had our champagne breakfast after the ride. I was glad of this – that way my sista could join us.
  8. The time zoomed by. We were in the air for 1 hr 20 minutes and flew 7 miles. The mileage was a personal record for Bob. It didn’t seem like I was standing for that long of a time.
  9. Trouble in, trouble out. I am not the most elegant, graceful or limber of people. I had to have a huge push from behind in order to get over the side of the basket. The side came to the top of my ribcage. I wasn’t too embarrassed – I am getting used to it by now.
  10. Doing something new is a bonding experience. This flight and the rest of the day (thanks to my daughter’s ideas) will rank as one of the best birthday presents. Now whenever I see/hear/think about a hot air balloon, I will always think about that day. There will not be any competing memories.
  11. Hurray for my 51 Things List. I’ve wanted to go on a hot air balloon for awhile, but I don’t always remember what I want to do. This list is a great way to remember and then to decide which things in life I’ll do during this year I turned 50. This list includes Habits and Events.

I am very grateful to my sista, son and daughter for their respective parts in making this day so special. It was WORTH the wait.

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? Tell us about your experience.

4 Assessments To Make Retreats More Meaningful


In 6 weeks about 50 women from church will be going to Women’s Retreat 2008 in the Tahoe area. In order to receive the most impact there and long term, I’m going to journal/assess 4 areas.

I’ll assess my relationships, the challenges/problems in my life, the Retreat experience and my follow up/accountability plan.

  1. Assess my relationships. This will be in 3 areas: (a) God, (b) myself, (c) others. I will take the time to ask and honestly answer the following two questions in the three areas. (i) How’s my giving? (ii) How’s my receiving? I am purposefully making them broad categories so I don’t go into this pondering time with preconceived notions.
  2. Assess the challenges/problems in my life. Again, I will do 3 things. (a) Look at what’s not working in my life. (b) Look at what’s working. (c) Brainstorm and pray (by myself or with a friend) about what to do next.
  3. Assess the Retreat experience. (a) What are the golden nuggets of info that have impacted me? (b) What will I continue to do at home or start once I’m home? (c) These are some of my ideas from past retreats: include pampering in daily life; have planned meals instead of chaotic snacks; implement a flexible, fun schedule and follow it; more time in Nature; have more silent time.
  4. Assess my follow up/accountability plan. Without such a plan, all my gold nuggets will turn into dust and puff away with the wind. Therefore, I will answer the following questions. (a) Who will I share my insights with? (b) What do I want her to do with/for me? (c) When will I talk to her?

I will also take time to create an evaluation card for my life. Every three months I will look at that card to see how I am doing. I will share these results with my accountability person.

Your Turn – – – So what’s your plan to make retreat more meaningful?

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20 Ways to DeStress Your Life


We all know that stress can bring on heart attacks, asthmatic episodes, headaches, depression, irritability and fatigue. Now headlines are proclaiming that stress can make you FAT!

That’s the last straw. I don’t need one more thing to make me fat. I’ve found some ways that are easy, fun, and cheap that help to eliminate the stress in my life.

Of course most of these are well-known options. . . .

  1. Pray. Give your worries over to God who knows all there is to know. And Who wants to help. We need to ask though.
  2. Breathe. Deep breathing is something most adults don’t do. Abdominal breathing gets more oxygen into our system. This stimulates the relaxation response.
  3. Change it up. Use a different tactic to a recurring problem. Read What’s Right With You by Barry Duncan for some creative ideas on changing it up.
  4. Choice. Choose to adopt a more stress free lifestyle. Then determine which step(s) you’ll take to get there. No one can do it for you.
  5. Cut out caffeine and sugar. Even the diet sugar. Click here for 10 Ways to Cut Back on Sugar. #7 explains why no diet sugar.
  6. Eat. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet at regular intervals. This includes plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and water.
  7. Emote in a healthy manner. Talk regularly about your problems, pain and joys to God, a friend, therapist and/or journal. Don’t self-medicate with sugar, shopping, computer/TV usage, etc so that you’ll know what you are feeling. (Of course also avoid drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.)
  8. Exercise. 3 times a week for 30 minutes is most beneficial.
  9. Herbal remedies. Rescue Remedy helped me deal with extremely anxious feelings when teaching my first English class in a foreign country. St. John’s Wort is helpful to some. Talk to your doctor, herbalist and/or research which options are best for you.
  10. Humor. Read something humorous every day. Watch a comedy. Learn funny jokes and tell them. Learn to laugh at yourself. Did you know there are Laughter coaches? Laughter Yoga? Listen to this for live laughter. Read this. Sometimes it’s the true things in life that make me laugh hardest.
  11. Look. Look at your life and identify the stressors. Which ones can you totally or partially eliminate? Which ones do you need to accept?
  12. One. Choose one thing from the list of things you can change and do it. Today. Now. If you need help getting started or staying the course, enlist the aid of a friend, your support system, therapist or life coach.
  13. Organize and declutter. I’ve found Fly Lady a useful resource. She urges change through baby steps.
  14. Question. Is this “my” issue”? If not, let it go. If yes, make a plan of attack.
  15. Schedule. Is your schedule sane? If not, does it HAVE to be that way? Or is this hectic time a season in your life? Read Margins by Richard Swenson for some practical ideas on streamlining your life.
  16. Sing. Grab your MP3 player, radio or computer and sing along with a few uplifting tunes. Not only does this get oxygen in, the positive words crowd out the worrisome thoughts.
  17. Sleep. Get a full night of sleep every night. Adults need 7-9 hours. Get to bed before 11 as the body recovers and recharges itself betwen the hours of 11pm -1 am. (Some say this happens between 10 pm – 1am.) Read this list of 33 Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep.
  18. Support System. Surround yourself with encouraging people who will do more than share your joys and worries. They will hold you accountable to making the changes you desire to make. In addition, a good support group will model this type of behavior in their own lives.
  19. Water. Bathe in it. Take a walk by it. Water the garden by hand. Go in the sprinklers with the kids. Sit and listen to a water fountain. Do the dishes in the sink instead of using the dishwasher.
  20. Prayer. I started this list with prayer and I want to end it with prayer. When I do this faithfully, I find it is the best stress reliever because I remind myself that a loving God is in control – even when it doesn’t look like it. And more than that, He has my best interests at heart.

This is my Works-For-Me Wednesday Post. Go here for more ideas on what works. So far there are 265 posts!

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Why Writing a List is Good for You


Sometimes I don’t know what to write, whether it’s for a post, school paper, or letter. There are all kinds of ideas swirling in the thought soup called my brain. Or there are no thoughts. Writing a list of ideas on one topic helps me corral similar thoughts or kick start the thought process.

Below are five more reasons writng a list is good for you.

  1. It is fast to write – so it gets the brain thinking.
  2. It forces you to summarize each point in a sentence or phrase.
  3. It helps you to see all the points at one time.
  4. It helps you stop, sit down, and start writing.
  5. You could win a prize!

Network Blogging Tips is sponsoring a List Blogging Challenge. The deadline is April 20th. The prize is a“One Touch 4 Mini 250 GB external hard drive, worth $129.00.” Go here for all the details.

Continue reading for more information on list posts.

I’ll be writing list posts all week and then submit the best one Sunday, the 20th.

Get busy writing your list post. Be sure to let me know when you’ve written and submitted your post. It will be fun to have some competition amongst friends.