Monthly Archives: May 2008

3 Surprsingly Healthy Reasons, Besides The Obvious, To Kiss


The other day sista and I were visiting on the phone. Hubby arrived home and she had to go. I told her to kiss him like she really missed him. ‘Cause you know, I’m the older sista and sometimes I have good ideas about marriage and other things.

Today I was flipping through magazines looking for pictures for a collage about “the perfect woman” (I’ll tell you more in another post). I read the following from the February 12, 2008 edition of Woman’s Day (page 13) . . . .

“Take 10 Minutes. Pucker up! Making time to reconnect is good for your relationship and for your health-locking lips can boost your immune system, relieve stress and even slow the aging process.”

Boost immune system. Relieve stress. Slow aging. Who knew doing something “healthy” for your body could be so fun, cheap, and easy? Since I’m single and not doing any kind of reconnecting kissing, guess I’ll have to settle for vitamins, exercise and sleep.