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Looking at What My Spending Means


Several years ago I participated in 30 Days of Nothing. Tonia at Study in Brown is the originator of this.

sale signβ€œThe goal of this month-long fast is to break the grip of materialism in our hearts and minds. We want to live in gratitude, not discontent; and we want to live with awareness of the great responsibility our affluence has laid on our shoulders.”

My Simpler Life went on a spending fast for the month of May.

I am still very interested in spending less and spending more wisely. This past month I wrote down what I spent each day. This month I will observe how, why and what I spent money on each day of last month.

With this information, I’ll look to see where I can revise my budget. I may or may not do a spending fast or another stint at 30 Days of Nothing. First, I will see what my last month’s purchases reveal.

What do you think your last month’s purchases say about you?


28 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. A dear friend celebrating her 20th year of sobriety
  2. A great talk with my sister about future dreams
  3. meal for twoSharing a meal and conversation with MT
  4. I Chronicles 28:20
  5. Fresher air with a coolish breeze
  6. Seeing how God views women and men as equals in spirituality, sexuality, intellect, and ministry
  7. That I can change my mind
  8. Ability to hear the quiet whisper in my ear to the roar of airplanes far above
  9. Keeping in touch with others through phone calls, letters and the Internet
  10. Medicine that helps my dog heal and makes him feel better
  11. My inhaler
  12. Black current tea
  13. A clean bathroom
  14. sleeping like a babySleeping in
  15. Jamocha shakes from Arby’s
  16. Vine-ripened tomato that I had at lunch
  17. Friends who let me study at their home
  18. Friends who pray for me to have focus
  19. The lime-green cotton top I am wearing
  20. Jonathan’s smile – so sweet and joyful
  21. Received back my final project from Building a Relational Ministry to Women. I did well.
  22. The excitement of a pending visit from my son and daughter
  23. Life is so full of “good things” that 3 thank you’s were written, decorated and mailed
  24. Getting to play with puffy paint – used them to decorate the thank you postcards
  25. I still have four more hours in which to finish my to-do list
  26. Happy news for a friend
  27. stack of booksA stack of books from the library just waiting to be devoured
  28. That I can be strong, have strength of heart and just do the task because the LORD God is with me and won’t stop helping me until all the work is done!

Ohhh – Lovely French Toast


french toastRemember the Banana Stuffed French Toast I was grateful for on Day 26?

I made them for myself this a.m. and they are still delish. And I’m still grateful for them.

Below is the figure-friendly recipe.


  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/4 cup fat free milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 Tablespoons light cream cheese, softened
  • 4 slices cinnamon raisin bread
  • 1 ripe banana, sliced


  1. Put butter into the frying pan to melt and cover pan.
  2. Beat together the egg, milk and vanilla.
  3. Spread 1/4th Tablespoon cream cheese on each slice of bread.
  4. Put half of sliced bananas on two of the bread slices.
  5. Put the other slice on top, cream cheese side down. Now you have two banana cream cheese sandwiches.
  6. Put the sandwiches in the egg-milk-vanilla mixture and soak for about 10 seconds on each side.
  7. When the pan is ready ( drops of water sprinkled in the pan dance around), put the sandwiches into the pan.
  8. Cook until golden. Turn and do the same on the other side.
  9. Serve with butter and 1 Tablespoon syrup.

Do you have a favorite French Toast recipe? How about sharing it?

27 Posts are on Today’s Gratitude List


The Internet is filled with great information that makes my life easier, better and/or prettier. I’m going to list 27 posts (I’ve tagged on my Google reader) that I am grateful for. . . .

Blog Related

  1. Blog help for your About Page
  2. Ideas for Unique Articles
  3. 22 Things You Should Do and
  4. How to Create a Comment Policy (1-4 above are from Performancing: Helping Bloggers Succeed).
  5. Do what ONE Thing & You’ll Beat 96% of WordPress Bloggers (Inspired Money Maker).
  6. How about Adding Your Signature or Personalizing Comments? (Chocolate on my Cranium)


  1. The Tea Book to Buy if Your Ancestry is Scottish, Irish, Welsh or Cornish (The Tea Party Girl) In case you want to know, I’m of a Scottish ancestry. No, I don’t own this book yet.


  1. Want to make postcards? Go here from Craftzine.
  2. Go here for photo post cards from Keep it Cheap.
  3. Make a Googly Eye Choker (Craftzine)


  1. Short History of 13 Cross Styles (Got Bible?)


  1. 101 Ways to Save Money This Summer (Tip Nut) How many of these have you done?
  2. Go here for over 800 Money Saving Ideas (Free Money Finance).
  3. Estate Planning Information (The Simple Dollar)
  4. Brita Replacement Filter for 50 Cents (Instructables)
    10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money (Manage Life)
  5. Possible Gas Saving Ideas (Free Money Finance) Hey, at this point I’m ready to try anything.

Health Related

  1. Zellies mints and gum and other teeth care ideas (Tammy’s Recipes)
  2. Green Smoothie Recipes (Dr. Ben Kim). Here’s another Smoothie Recipe by Dr. Nicole’s Kitchen Table Medicine.
  3. Diet for Asthmatics (Dr. Nicole’s Kitchen Table Medicine)

Personal Growth

  1. 7 Ways to Defeat Procrastination (Life Optimizer)
  2. 3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to do the Hated Things (Pick the Brain)
  3. Resources for How to Memorize (Productivity 501)
  4. 10 Things to Change in Order to Get What You Want (Life Optimizer)
  5. Wanna make the lesson stick? Go here. (Improved Lives)
  6. 10 Recommendations, Based on Positive Psychology Research, to Help you Overcome the Challenge of Not Exercising (Positive Psychology News Daily)


  1. Turning a towel into a stylish bathing suit cover up. (Wardrobe Refashion) Great Summer project.
  2. 88 Summer ideas sorted into the categories of Crafts, Cooking, Field Trips, Education, Patriotic, Boutique, Outdoor Activities and Indoor Activities (Chocolate on my Cranium) Some great ideas here for my Ladies Summer Camp idea!!!

Share some of your favorite posts.

My ABC’s of Gratitude


Thank youToday is June 26. The alphabet has 26 letters. See a connection here? I’m going to list 26 things for which I am grateful, alphabet style

A. Artists. Like my daughter and niece SA. I cannot create original work and so I am grateful for those who can. That way I get to look at pretty things.

B. Banana Stuffed French Toast. SM made that before we had Bible study and it was delish!

C. Chiropractor. Going to one has definitely helped my back and neck.

D. Deadlines. They help me order my life.

E. Earplugs. In my purse I keep a pair in an empty cinnamon Altoid tin. I use them at the library, concerts and even when I’m by myself at home studying.

F. Five new posts at my daughter’s blog. I love reading about her world and thoughts.

G. Girlfriends. I don’t see why some ladies abhor girlfriend relationships.

H. Hope. In Jesus, from God, His Word and friends/family. This is what gets me through the tough times and helps me sail through the easier times.

I. Igloo memory. My kiddos and I made an igloo when we lived in CO. We attempted to sleep the nightigloo inside it. But about 2 am I whispered, “Is anyone awake? I’m freezing.” Both responded and we drug our stuff indoors to spend the rest of the night in a warm place that couldn’t come crashing down on us.

J. Jack-o-lanterns. I have many good memories of the family carving these up in the Fall.

K. Keys. I know where they are!

L. Laughing. Especially laughter that comes from a baby’s belly.

M. Music. It has the power to move me into a worshipful state, energetic, or even just happy.

N. Nose – mine. I am thankful that it isn’t stuffy today.

O. Open door policy. I am grateful this is how God deals with His children. He’s never off duty or too busy to listen.

P. Pillow. I have one that fits my neck perfectly.

Q. Quiet. I am rejuvenated by the quiet. I need it to think and to write papers. I never could understand how my son could have the music blaring and do homework at the same time.

R. Restaurants. I like going out to eat with friends. I went to Chevys with CA. Our server looked like a tanned Elvis Presley. πŸ™‚

S. Sharing. Instead of us all buying new things, I love it when sharing goes on. I.e. I am sharing some books with TL and she is sharing with me.

T. Texas. I lived there for a couple of years during junior high/high school age. In Texas on March 9, 1974 I became a Christian.

umbrella in rainU. Umbrella. Isn’t it fun to stand under a HUGE, colorful umbrella, safe from pelting raindrops?

V. Vanilla. I love this as a flavoring, scent and ice cream-Breyer’s natural vanilla is the best.

W. Women’s Ministry Team. These ladies are awesome and help me in so many ways. Besides doing business together they help me grow as a woman by their examples, honesty, and conversations.

X. X-Rays. The last ones taken of my neck and back show that both are improving!

Y. Yellow Room. Yes, I have a yellow room. My son calls it the yellow submarine room. The color makes me smile.

Z. Zuchinni. I have a tiny one growing in my backyard.

What are your ABC’s of gratitude?

These Are 25 of My Grateful Things


When the money bites, when the seeing stings,

When I’m feeling low

I simply remember my grateful things

And then I don’t feel so slow.

Sorry about the above butchered song. I made it more personal. πŸ™‚

Here’s my list of some grateful things . . .

  1. Violet roses – remind me of my mom
  2. Clean air
  3. Baby’s smile and clutching on my finger
  4. Vase of gracefully drooping tulips
  5. Sharp knife
  6. Mom’s yellow batter bowl
  7. Clean bathroom
  8. Finding brightly colored gloves in my coat pockets, purse and glove box all winter long as needed
  9. Me wrapping a package with creativity and beauty – don’t do this very often
  10. Receiving a just because gift
  11. Watching ice skaters
  12. Being one of the ice skaters (I probably wouldn’t do it now because of my klutz.)
  13. Walking on new fallen snow all bundled up
  14. Finishing homework – especially finishing it well and early
  15. Finding more money at the end of the month instead of more month at the end of the money
  16. Watching the waves and hearing the relentless roar
  17. Praying every week with the same people
  18. New pens with a silky flow – colored ink is a bonus
  19. Sheets that have dried outside on the line
  20. Walking hand-in-hand
  21. Breakfast dates
  22. Remembering to take the laundry from the washer and putting it into the dryer. And then starting the dryer.
  23. Spell check on my computer
  24. Falling asleep quickly
  25. Suffering – yes suffering. It showcases God’s faithfulness and power.

What 24 Things Make My Gratitude List?


6 Things I am grateful for regarding my family:

  1. My kiddos like, love and get along well with each other.
  2. My son has overcome his past.
  3. My daughter has overcome her extreme quietness.
  4. My sista and her hubby are consistent, loving, godly parents.
  5. My sista and hubby gave my son and I a transition place to live when we moved here from CO.
  6. All my nieces (6 of them!) are healthy, maturing individuals.

6 Things I am grateful about regarding me:

  1. Sleep fixes most aches. I go to bed tired and sore and usually wake up rested and pain free.
  2. I haven’t had an accident recently – seriously klutzy here.
  3. The gift/skill/talent mix God has given me.
  4. I do have a purpose and worth.
  5. I have learned (and am still learning) patience.
  6. God isn’t finished with me yet.

6 Things I am grateful for regarding my country:

  1. My vote and political involvement make a credible difference.
  2. It is based on freedom principles and God.
  3. Welcomes people of all faiths, colors, and races.
  4. Is the land of opportunity.
  5. Allows and upholds freedom of the press – even for dissenting opinions.
  6. I live here.

6 Things I am grateful for regarding my friends:

  1. They pray for me.
  2. They chastise me.
  3. They help me with my projects.
  4. They show me how to live life well – especially during/after hardship.
  5. They help me play.
  6. We share a passion for following God.