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10 Things on My Pessimistic List Which Hamper Resolutions


2009-resoluI love to write New Year’s Resolutions. But I always have these nagging feelings about how I won’t succeed. So why try? This year I am jotting down 10 things on my pessimistic list, although all are written as an hyperbole because that’s how I think sometimes. 

These are  things that make it difficult for me to follow and succeed with resolutions/goals. Maybe once I’ve put them on paper, I can leave them there.

  1. I am a natural born messy who doesn’t think to put things away.
  2. I love food too much to say no.
  3. I hate to throw things away because of sentimental attachment and/or as soon as I throw it away I need it.
  4. There are so many things to choose from, I can’t pick the right thing.
  5. To be confined to a schedule is like wearing a corset or tie.
  6. Even though I was born in the Year of the Dog, I think it should have been the ostrich (head-in-sand is a natural pose for me).
  7. I’ll never be addicted to exercise, fresh air and sun or sweat. I’ll probably not even come close to a like relationship either.
  8. My brain is too cluttered  and clumsy to be able to write well.
  9. I’m too scared to buy my own home.
  10. It takes too long to make changes which probably won’t stick anyway.

Can you relate to any of these? What absurd thoughts do you harbour which make it difficult to actualize your resolutions?

The idea for the article came from a promt here.