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4 Secrets to Contentment




How content are you? Always? Never? Sometimes?

Pastor Mike is doing a series on Generosity in a World of Greed. Sunday’s message was titled, “The Lost Art of Doing Without.” One of the gems from the sermon was how to be content.

The most important step to contentment is . . .

. . . Seek the Lord above all else and you will have what you need

  1. How do you fare in this area on a scale of 1-10? 
  2. Do you seek God before seeking goods?
  3. How will you seek the Lord today…Prayer…Read Scripture…Obey Scripture…Other?
  4. Make a list of your needs. Share this list with a friend. Would s/he agree these are needs? Share this list with God in prayer. Compare it to Scripture (I.e. Matthew 6:33). Are they truly needs or are wants mixed in there too?

“At one time or another, we’re all guilty of allowing wants to live in our hearts as needs.” Jim Fay & Charles Fay

Pastor shared 3 more secrets to being content. Read the 3 following statements. Pick the correct answer.

Fight the impulse to . . .

(a) “have it now!” (b) shop. Shopping is evil. (c) share.

Don’t buy things . . .

(a) you can’t afford. (b) ever. (c) that are cheaply made.

Remember your most important needs are . . .

(a) food, clothing and shelter. (b) good quality chocolate. (c) to be put on hold until you tithe.

The correct answer for each statement of truth is letter (a). Delayed gratification and correctly identifying/buying needs versus wants are actions that lead to contentment.

How are you doing with the above secrets? Is there a change you will make today? What is that change?

Pastor based his sermon on 1 Timothy 6: 3-19. Read and ponder these Scriptures. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you from these verses? Share what you learned/heard with at least one person today.