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40 More Ways to Cultivate Gratitude


“The longer I live, the more that I recognize that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is the key to living from an open heart, that is, living in a spirit of joyful expectation.”  M.J. Ryan, Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give & Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life

So, how does one cultivate an attitude of gratitude? A life full of gratitude comes by doing and thinking gratitude enhancing actions. I compiled a list of 21 ways here. Go here for 13 Ways to Get Your Gratitude On. Below are 40 more ideas on how to express and cultivate gratitude.

  1. Choose to be grateful.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal noting specific others and specific events.
  3. Say gratitude prayers at meal time and bedtime.
  4. Keep a journal of answered prayers.
  5. Create a gratitude paper chain that counts down to a holiday or birthday.
  6. Look around the world and notice how good you have it.
  7. Reflect on how much God loves and accepts you.
  8. Meditate on/memorize gratitude verses.
  9. Begin the day by listing 3 blessings.
  10. Sing your gratitude – I.e.  Base your song on These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.  Do a Powerpoint or your own slide show to this song
  11. Make a gratitude poster.
  12. Seek out and spend time with grateful people.
  13. Don’t complain or listen to complaints.
  14. Don’t watch or at least limit exposure to advertising.
  15. Write out your ABC’s of Gratitude.
  16. Determine and write down your gratitude strategy.
  17. Don’t gossip or listen to gossips.
  18. Practice gratitude everyday. Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, founder of the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP), says we should be grateful everyday, but gratitude is especially underscored during the holidays. Rabbi Buchwald suggests a few Jewish customs to help families remember to be thankful on a daily basis. One custom is putting a few coins in a charity box each day. The small amount of change will add up to help someone less fortunate. Another custom is to leave a morsel on your plate at every meal to remember those who are without food
  19. Write a gratitude letter to your children now and then every year.
  20. Share your gratitude list with the world via the internet – Go to this link to post your list.
  21. Create an “I Spy” Gratitude quilt.
  22. Celebrate other people – not just on birthdays and at the holidays.
  23. Create a gratitude crossword puzzle.
  24. Make a gratitude wreath with a wire wreath form and clothespins. On each pin write words that finish this sentence, “I am grateful for . . . “
  25. Walk through the rooms of your house noting what you are grateful for in each room. Post that list in each room.
  26. Listen to a praise song and then verbally or in writing tell God what you are grateful for
  27. Collect gratitude stories.
  28. Establish a Gratitude Book at Thanksgiving.
  29. Study God’s attributes.
  30. Play Gratitude  “I Spy.”
  31. Host or join a gratitude blog carnival.
  32. Gratitude on the hour – every time the clock chimes, recite something you are grateful for.
  33. Watch what you call yourself – internal self-talk can make you feel good or bad about yourself. When you feel badly about yourself, it is harder to be grateful.
  34. Find gratitude in every situation.
  35. Simplify  your  schedule, possessions and relationships. It’s harder to be grateful if you are overwhelmed  in any one of these areas.
  36. Don’t deny yourself the basics – sleep, healthy food, exercise, solitude, simplified schedule, etc.
  37. Wear silky underwear – or least something that makes me feel special. When you feel good it is easier to be grateful.
  38. Practice The 4 Secrets to Contentment.
  39. Ditch the clothes horse mentality. Be content with fewer, but good quality clothes.
  40. Say “Thank You” every time it is appropriate. “If the only prayer you ever say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.” Mystic Meister Eckhart
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