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Small Groups Help with New Year’s Resolutions: Especially When it Feels Like You Are Scaling a Wall


People have a love hate relationship with resolutions. It’s easy to write down how you’ll accomplish those goals. The most popular resolutions are. . . Lose weight. . . Spend more time with family and friends. . . Get financially fit. . . Learn something new. Christians would add incorporate more Biblical practices into daily life.

The hard part is starting and then sticking to the resolution long enough to make a difference. Often the climb to succesful finishes feels scary, impossible, and full of roadblocks. At times the next step seems out of reach.

One answer is small groups! Being surrounded by supportive people learning the same thing helps us finish what we started. These folks give us verbal encouragement, offer practical help, show us it can be done by their own example, and love on us when we misstep.

CNC can’t help you with the first resolution (lose weight), but can help with the others. Join a small group today in order to spend more time with family and friends, learn something new and see how you can incorporate more Biblical practices into your daily life.

Your Turn . . .

  1. What small group do you belong to?
  2. How have you benefitted by belonging to a small group?
  3. What  has been your best small group experience?
  4. Will you join or continue with a small group this year? Why or why not?
  5. What advice do you have for getting the most out of small groups?

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    The Power of a Praying Woman to Impact Small Group of Women

    Looking for a small group where you can connect and learn with other women?
    Sunday (January 10, 2010) we will be starting The Power of a Praying Women by Stormie Omartian, 11 am at CNC. The room is TBD. This 10 week class will guide women through the basics of prayer via video, discussion, daily homework, and of course prayer.
    The workbook is $10.17 from Amazon (normally $14.95). Let me know by (January 6) and I will order a book for you. Make the check out to CNC and put “women’s Sunday study” in the memo line.
    • The video curriculum workbook will be a valuable resource for learning about the topic before the class because each week has five day’s worth of interaction with that week’s message, Scripture and prayer.
    • The first five lessons will cover the following: Praying to become all God made me to be . . . Praying for a life-transforming walk with God. . . Praying to be free of the past . . Praying to put my life in right order . . . Praying to surrender control of my life to God.        
    • However, it is not necessary to have the workbook in order to attend the class or gain from the information presented. Just be sure to bring paper if you are a note-taker.
     8 women have already signed up for this 10 week class.
    Please join us as we learn more about prayer and practice what we learn as a group and on our own.
    Your Turn . . .
    1. If you’ve already done this video study or read the book, what is the gem that you still remember? Still practice?
    2. What would you like to learn about regarding prayer?
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    13 Benefits of Reading


    Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled “This could change your life.”  ~Helen Exley

    Reading is obviously useful for day-to-day life. I.e. We need to read in order to . . .

    • File our taxes
    • Fill out a library card application
    • Understand the employee handbook
    • Check out the sports stats for our favorite hockey team
    • Choose an appropriate birthday card or the correct type of oil for the car, and
    • Buy the beans, meat and tortillas we need for dinner.

    But reading can bring more than ease to daily living or increase our competency at work.

    Below are a 13 reasons I’ve found reading to be beneficial. Reading . . .

    1. Helps us develop better vocabulary and grammar
    2. Exposes us to novel ideas, actions, geography and people so that we become more culturally & historically aware
    3. Energizes us for action or de-stresses us after an action-packed day
    4. Improves our general knowledge and imagination
    5. Clarifies difficult topics (If there is a children’s book on the topic, I always read that first so I can get a simple overview.)
    6. Gives us the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and wisdom of others
    7. Encourages us to be the best we can be
    8. Is a fun way to spend our time and/or learn
    9. Enhances our creativity and concentration
    10. Shows us how we can do life, work, health, relationships, etc.  better, easier, faster, cheaper
    11. Increases family bonding when the reading is done out loud
    12. Alleviates loneliness
    13. Nourishes our soul and intellect
    Tomie dePaola says, “Reading is important because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything.” Watch this Youtube clip to hear him explain more.

    What would you add to this list? How is reading beneficial to you?

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    Brad Isaac at Persistance Unlimited has two good articles on reading. (1) Click here to read “The 26 Major Advantages to Reading More Books and Why 3 in 4 People Are Being Shut Out of Success.”  (2) Go hereto read “5 Sneaky and Underhanded Methods To Add 30% More Time To Your Daily Reading Schedule.

    If Books Are Like a Personality Test, What Do My New Year’s Choices Reveal?

    • I usually read one book at a time. But this month, I couldn’t restrain myself. There are six that I am dabbling in at the moment.

    Less Clutter , Less Noise: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales by Kem Meyer. I picked this book because I am always looking for ways to make my ministries relevant. This title suggests the opposite of what I’ve known and done. Go here to read Kem’s blog. Here are some posts to get you started . . . Want to change people’s behavior? Make it fun. . . . Don’t talk about money. . .  Top 5 places to start reading in the Bible . . . What I’ve learned in 20 years as a parent

    Sanctification: An Alliance Distinctive by Samuel J Stoesz. This book is required reading for consecration. “This book documents the scriptural understanding of the experience of sanctification and the historical antecedents of the teaching as it concerns The Christian and Missionary Alliance.”

    The Prayer That Changes Everything: The Hidden Power of Praising God by Stormie OMartian. Last year I made prayer a primary focus of my time and efforts. That study is continuing. Plus this books talks about praise; that sounds a lot like gratitude. Gratitude is something else I’ve been focusing on.  Combining the two sounds like an awesome and powerful combination.

    The Shack by William P. Young. Everybody has read this book. My former roommate Janelle, Theresa, Pastor Mike, one of my seminary profs, Gerry Breshears (here and here), and CNC’s reading club. Time I read it for myself.

    Words of Gratitude: For Mind, Body, and Soul by Robert A. Emmans & Joanna Hill. I am continuing on my quest to learn more about gratitude. I want my life to be led by gratitude especially gratitude to God.

    How to Make a Journal of Your Life by D. Price. This sounds fun. These 2 books also sound fun: Making Journals by Hand: 20 Creative Projects for Keeping Your Thoughts and How to Be an Explorer of the World.

    What do my choices reveal about me?

    • I’m interested in improving my ministry and work.
    • I want to keep tabs on the culture around me.
    • Prayer and gratitude are still very important to me and still need more work and attention in my life.
    • I want to have fun.

    Your Turn

    • What are you reading and why?
    • What does your choice reveal about you?
    • What book(s) do you recommend?

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