CNC Women’s Regifting Christmas Party, Saturday at 2pm on Dec. 4, 2010


Pam with Christmas LightsAll women are invited to attend the Christmas regifting party in Rudat Hall. Bring a friend. Bring a plate of hors d’oeuvres. And finally bring one wrapped gift for the regifting exchange.

There are 4 rules for the regifting exchange.

Rule 1. Please do not buy this gift.

Rule 2. Bring a past gift that you cannot use or some other item that is no longer wanted or needed in your home.

Rule 3. Silly, unusual, useless, or elegant items are all acceptable gifts.

Rule 4. Just don’t buy it.

In addition to snacking well and having fun, Pamela Finney will encourage us with her devotional on regifting. Pamela explains, “Regifting—the act of giving to someone a gift one has received but does not want. Well, I have chosen to regift some of the things that I have received from God and have welcomed into my life and want to not only keep but also share with others: the gifts of . . .

  • contentment,
  • forgiveness,
  • gratitude,
  • discovery,
  • servitude, and
  • desire for what really matters.

Come on Saturday, December 4th at 2 pm to receive these gifts and learn how to do your own “regifting.” Call Susan at 635-5992, if you have any questions.

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