5 Reasons I Love My Church


Whenever I have lived in this city, I have attended Cordova Neighborhood Church (CNC). Whenever I have lived in other cities and needed to find a home church, I have always looked for a church like CNC. While I do not believe that there is a perfect church. I do believe that CNC has been a good fit for me. Read Eight Surprising Things You’ll Find At This Church.

Here are 5 reasons why. 

  1. Acceptance. Sitcoms like Cheers and Friends have been popular because folks want to belong someplace. I have found that at CNC. When I was a young mom of 2 toddlers, I found acceptance and a ministry outlet that fit (edited the monthly newsletter and taught 2’s & 3’s). When I was a mom of preteens, I found CNC folks who accepted how God led our family (homeshooling), and I found encouragement in this task and my faith. When I came back to CNC marked with the shame and pain of divorce, I found healing, teaching, and prayer. And of course, I found acceptance once again.
  2. Biblical teaching. CNC has had 3 pastors and 1 interim pastor in its 50ish years of ministry. I find the teaching to be sound and applicable to life. The Bible is the foundation of all teaching.
  3. Friends. I have found more than acceptance at CNC. I have found people who continuously pray for me, who send me encouraging notes, texts, and phone phones, who give me wise counsel when they see me straying, who invite me to “play,” and who like me. CNC is home to some precious souls also known as friends.
  4. Intergenerational. For a seminary assignment I had to attend another church and grade the experience. I was excited to attend a particular church (not in my immediate area) because I heard great things about its pastor.  The church was young, hip, and friendly to the younger people. I am (and was at the time of the visit) old. No one wanted to engage me in conversation even when I went to the small groups and women’s ministry tables for information. This pastor’s teaching was excellent, but I gave the church an F. However, CNC welcomes all ages. All ages are welcome to participate in and receive ministry.
  5. Missions minded. CNC is not a collection of people intent on keeping their talents, time and money for themselves. This is a very mission minded church. We not only give to our city, we give to our denomination to help support workers all over the world, and we give money to specific worldwide ministries.

Your Turn . . . There are other excellent churches around. Please share why you love your church.

This is the 5th post in the “5 Reasons I Love . . .” Series.  Go here for the original post which explains how this idea came about.  Tomorrow’s post is 5 Reasons I Love My Job.

About susan2009

I am a 58 year old female who just finished her BA in Theology/Christian Leadership. I was on the 30 year plan. I finally graduated seminary (2009)! . . . . I have two marvelous adult children that I am very proud of. . . . I have the extreme privilege of attending and working for the best church in No. CA. . . . I became a Christian 3 days before my 16th birthday. 35 years later I'm still growing. . . . AND . . . I'm going on a "God hunt;" will you join me? After all, how can I resist the One who calls ME daughter?

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  2. Good post and I like the “5 Reasons I love . . . ” concept.

    Right now I’m looking for a church that’s a good fit. The one I used to attend was very demographically-centered. Yes, it was good, when I was younger as that was (gasp) their target demo. Now I’ve come to realize that churches do need to promote intergenerational connections, fellowship, community.

    • Thanks for visiting my site smkelly8. I clicked on your link and notice that we have the same first name; that is cool. 😉

      I hope you find a church that is a better fit for where you are today.

  3. I think I’ll be led to a church in time. Yes, we’ve got a good name – easy for people to say and spell.

    I’ll visit your blog regularly. I like the types of posts and thoughts you feature.

    • I agree. I think that friendships like a church home are something that God leads us into.
      At lunch yesterday we were talking about names. I said that no one ever mispronounced my first name. My ex last name was a different story though. 🙂

      I look forward to reading your comments, Susan. Have a great day!

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