Five Reasons I Love My Job


I haven’t always listened to God regarding His will for me. But I know without a doubt that right now, I am at the right place (job-wise) at the right time. My job is challenging, busy, and a faith-stretcher at times. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Read on for 5 Things I Love About My Job. 

  1. Staff. There are 8 folks on staff. We have dozens of volunteers. Together we cover the program and administrative needs of ministries to children, youth, college, men, women, 55+, small groups, and outreach into the community. Each person is very passionate about their area of ministry. And each person is committed to following the Lord’s will for that ministry at CNC for this time. We are unified.
  2. Travel commute. I love that my commute is 10 minutes. I feel blessed that I get to work in the same city that I live. Of course, my present commute doesn’t compare to the one I previously enjoyed. For several years I lived in the house the church owned. At that time my commute was 30 seconds.
  3. Office space. The church house has been transformed into the church office. This is where the staff “lives” during the week. Roberta and Ray did an awesome job with the remodel making sure our needs were met in both form and function. Our previous office space in the church building is now used for small groups on Sundays and during the week. As I oversee the small group ministry, this makes me very happy.
  4. Variety. I oversee ministries to children, small groups, and women. On a weekly basis I get to use all my spiritual gifts (administration, teaching, mercy, leadership, shepherding). I get to oversee and be involved in many programs. I get to know, pray for, encourage, and train many volunteers in these various programs and ministries. There is never a dull moment. There is always opportunity to trust God and to see answered prayer.
  5. Leadership. The leadership of our senior pastor, elders, and governing board has been a blessing. They have done an honorable and consistent job of balancing individual needs versus corporate needs according to the direction of the Lord’s will. One thing I am sure of, these men and women are acting on God’s behalf. I pray for them. I encourage them. I trust them. And finally I trust that God will continue to lead His church through these willing, prayerful, committed people.

This is the 6th post in the “5 Reasons I Love . . .” Series.  Go here for the original post which explains how this idea came about.  Tomorrow’s post is 5 Reasons I Love My Support System.

About susan2009

I am a 58 year old female who just finished her BA in Theology/Christian Leadership. I was on the 30 year plan. I finally graduated seminary (2009)! . . . . I have two marvelous adult children that I am very proud of. . . . I have the extreme privilege of attending and working for the best church in No. CA. . . . I became a Christian 3 days before my 16th birthday. 35 years later I'm still growing. . . . AND . . . I'm going on a "God hunt;" will you join me? After all, how can I resist the One who calls ME daughter?

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  1. You have a wonderful job! Can you even call it a job? More of a vocation, a calling. I’m so happy YOU do what you do, seems like a great fit. And happy you enjoy what you do. May God reward you richly for all that you give.

  2. You are right, Brenda, this “job” is more of a calling than a job. I know that I do give, but I think I receive more than I give. That should have been listed as a reason I love my job.

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