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even sickies need a to-do list


3 weeks ago i fell while hiking. i broke my humerous bone just below the ball joint in my left shoulder. wearing this imobilizer  makes it possible for my shoulder to heal properly because my left arm is tightly snug against my body. obviously i am not working at my day job. instead my main agenda for this week is to do things that help me heal quickly and well.  i am also working one hour a day (from home of course). to things other than that, i am saying “no,” as i want to put my energies towards the “best” things this week. 1. Exercise

  •  Walk 10-15 minutes 3 times a day
  • passive resistance exercises 3 times a day
  • soak in hot tub one time a day

2. work: 1 hour per day

  • tidy email inbox
  • contact small group leaders
  • order curriculum for children’s sunday school
  • sort out room mates for retreat
  • start rough draft for retreat booklet
3. miscellaneous
  • write 1 thank you note (dtb)
  • do all i can to sleep better at night
  • write in my gratitude book
  • read Ecclesiastes
  • read song of songs

Katrina at Mama Manuscripts is hosting Goal Planning Monday. I am participating so I’ll have a record of what I complete each week. I’ll also have a tool to energize my (sometimes) flagging motivation to complete (1) the jobs I tend to avoid or (2) jobs that get overshadowed by the urgent items on my to-do list.

Your Turn . . .
what’s on your agenda for your health? for work? Go here to link up your Goals.

even with a broken shoulder i have reasons to be grateful


on april 16th i went hiking. instead of just enjoying the view, my feet slid down an incline. i ended up with a broken shoulder. these past few weeks i have had spells of fretfulness. a good cure for this is sharing my gratitude list. 1. haircut. my formerly shoulder length hair is now chin length.  i can use a wash cloth to clean my hair on my own. 2. garden. a few weeks ago i spontaneously decided to buy pots and fill them with begonias, impatients, etc.  for my shady patio. now that i am home bound, this view is a great encouragement. 3. meals. many people have circled me with practical actions of care, like meals. until i can shop, chop, and open things on my own, i am very grateful for and depend upon these acts of kindness. 4. hot tub.  today i remembered that my apartment complex has a hot tub. since my muscles were very sore from a small walktoday, i went and soaked my calves in the lukewarm water. while not hot, the water soothed my muscles.

  1. 5. healing.  since i am taking fewer pain meds, my thinking is clearer. my body is stronger. the bruise and swelling on my arm looks better too. my nights are not so hot, but i’ve had three great days in a row. NOTE: even though the bruising/swelling is on my arm, it is my shoulder that is broken.
of course, i am grateful to many people. they’ve been helping me with rides to the doctor, my work assignments, house chores, errands, and caring for my dog. the get well cards and messages (via facebook, texts, and phone calls) have cheered me up too. you know who you all are. i am truly blessed and grateful for what you’ve been doing for me.
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