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October CNC Women’s Potlucks


All women are invited to the Rancho Cordova home of Debra Sharpless on Friday, October 7th for a soup potluck. We will meet from 6-8 pm.

Bring any soup you’d like, a soup topping, side dish, or dessert.

I am investigating pumpkin soup. Anyone have a good recipe to share?

Need a reason to attend? Read 7 Reasons to Eat Soup.

Put the next potluck, Friday, October 21st on your calendar. The Theme is Mexican food. And we will have a guest speaker, Darlene LeTexier!

If you have any questions, contact Debra at 858-1770.


Rancho Cordova Venue: Relay For Life Walk Oct. 1-2


CNC’s Women’s Ministry is organizing a team to participate in the American Cancer Society’s
Relay for Life 24 hour Walk.
 The Walk is from 9 am Saturday, October 1st – 10 am Sunday, October 2nd, 2011. It will take place at the Mills Middle School Track on Coloma Road.

The below form shows the time slots that are still open for walkers. Email me your info or sign up in Rudat Hall the next 2 Sundays (9/11 & 9/18) if you’d like to walk and/or give a donation.

There is a team fee of $150.00. We are hoping walkers can donate $6.25 to go towards the team fee. If we get a sponsor or raise more than $150.00 all money will go towards Relay for Life. Please make your check out to Relay for Life and give the check to LaRee.

NOTE: As the requests come in, I will update the below form. I will not post your contact info. I will just take away the time slot.

Originally posted September 7th. UPDATED September 26, 2011. There are NOW 12 time slots available. For many of the times, we have 2 people walking! Sign up today to join this worthwhile fundraiser.

Name Phone # Email Time slots to walk
Sat. 6-7 pm
Sat. 9-10 pm
Sat. 11-12 Midnight
Sat. Midnight – 1 am
Sun. 1-2 am
Sun. 2-3 am
Sun. 3-4 am
Sun. 4-5 am
Sun. 5-6 am
Sun. 6-7 am
Sun. 8-9 am
Sun. 9-10 am

When I Realize I Have Enough for Today, I Am Grateful


How do you feel when you believe you don’t have enough? Do you feel stressed, fearful, entitled, or ungrateful? How do you cope with these feelings?

There are seasons in my life when these feelings stick to my thoughts like gum in hair. To combat these I remind myself I have enough. Each day I recite the following: “Today I have enough (fill in the blank) and I am grateful.” My last week was filled with days of practising this type of gratitude. In writing down my Friday’s Fave Five, I see once again, I have enough and I am grateful!

1. This week I have enough money . . . to pay my utility bills, to fill my gas tank, to buy groceries, to tithe, to buy a Christmas present. (Yes, I know it’s September.)

2. This week I have energy . . . to take a walk, to read, to do house chores, to write this post, to be creative, to tick off 5 to-do’s on my master work to-do list,  to pray.

3. This week I have enough love . . .  from God, my church, my family, my work mates, close friends, my dog, myself.

4. This week I have enough wisdom . . . to see that life is often hard, to know that I (and everyone else) will make mistakes, to accept that the to-do list will never be empty,  to seek God in the bad times as well as the good times, to be quiet in my spirit and in how many words I utter.

5. This week I have enough resources . . . to accomplish what God wants me to accomplish in my personal life and in my work life.

Your Turn . . . What do you have enough of that makes you realize you, too, are grateful? Leave your comments at this post. Or participate in Susanne’s Friday’s Fave Five. Her website is here.

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September 2011 is Busy Time at CNC


New sermon series, new small groups, and women’s and men’s events are all happening at CNC in September. Check these happenings out and attend as many as you can.


  • For the information that will cause you to learn and grow in your relationship with God.
  • To meet people and deepen relationships with folks in the church.
  • To experience the support and fun that will make a difference in your life
  • You’ll find a place where you can volunteer in meaningful ways.

Click on this link for the details of  What’s Happening at CNC September 2011.

Your Turn . . . Why do you attend CNC Happenings?