Monthly Archives: October 2011

My Potpourri of Reasons to be Grateful


It’s Friday so it’s time to share our 5 reasons we are grateful. Go here to share your list.

Bathroom. My apartment bathroom is almost remodeled. I should be able to move back home this weekend. The contractor put in a new tub and fixed the “door” the car created. Today I get new flooring and the walls will be painted. Go here to read why I needed an emergency bathroom remodel.

Battery. Tuesday night my car died in the driveway of a friend. I was there to drive her and her cat to the vet. We ended up taking her car. The next morning I called my car insurance and found out I have towing. My mechanic found out that the car’s electrical system is fine. I just needed a new battery.

Perseverance. Chip is my 19-year-old miniature toy poodle. He is mostly deaf and blind and has arthritis. Chip has had a tough week. As he ages, it is becoming quite apparent that the only place he is truly comfortable is at home, even if he is on my lap. Despite being constantly agitated he has been a trooper. Only 2 more days (I HOPE and pray) and then all will be right with his world.

Prayers. I have been a little flustered this week. I have been mixing up my words (spoonerisms) even more than normal. I know that folks have been praying for me. I know that has been making a difference in my emotions, sleep, attitude, and all around daily life. Wahoo for prayer’s power. And wahoo for those who have been praying. And mostly wahoo to the One who answers prayer.

Series. November is 4 days away. During November and July, I sometimes do a month-long gratitude “series.”

  • One time I took a daily photograph and wrote why I was grateful.
  • Another time it was a daily listing of things, people, places, feelings, and/or events for which I wanted to give thanks.

For this November, I am going to write a daily letter. The purpose is to express my gratitude. It would be great to have you join me.