Fruitful Devotion is the hub for hearing about church events and related themes for the three departments that Susan Wright operates at Cordova Neighborhood Church, in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Susan is Women’s Ministry Director, Small Groups Coordinator and oversees Children’s Ministry. In 2009 she graduated from Western Seminary with a specialized MA in Pastoral Care to Women.

As Women’s Ministry Director she leads the women’s ministry team which plans women’s activities like the annual retreat, secret sisters program and social events. She also has a ministry of counseling women.

As Small Groups Coordinator, Susan arranges for Sunday morning adult Bible studies, midweek fellowship and study groups. She has also coordinated groups centered on sermon series.

Susan is supervising Children’s Ministry from nursery through 5th grade. Susan desires two things: (1) to provide all children with a responsible, loving, and fun environment and (2) to partner with parents in the spiritual advancement of their children.

Susan is a mom of two adult children. She homeschooled her children until their senior year in high school.

Susan has been an avid blogger since 2006. Take a look at her personal blog at


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