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CNC Women’s Potluck Fellowship is This Friday (1.20.2012)


Isn’t it great that the women of CNC will gather for their monthly potluck on

What side dish will you bring?

Friday? It is at Deborah’s home from 6-8pm.

Deborah will provide the meatloaf. We bring all the side dishes. I will bring baked potatoes … or maybe a dessert.

Meatloaf is wonderful comfort food. It is supposed to be yucky weather the end of the week. Therefore, comfort food is just the needed thing on Friday night.

Being with CNC ladies is also comforting. And a lot of FUN.  There will be some laughter, too.

If you need directions get a hold of me or Deborah. See you there!


7 Women Needed to Fill Top Notch Spots


“Quite simply, one of the most exciting women’s event every year.”

“What top notch spot and exciting women’s event is this,” you ask? The annual Women’s Tea on Saturday, February 11, 2-4 pm in Rudat Hall. Every year 10 women carefully craft beautiful tablescapes and pamper their guests with beauty and attention.

Interested in decorating hospitality and hosting a table full of women? Then contact Michelle White today and tell her you’d like to pamper a table of CNC’s finest women.

Your duties?

  • Provide the table needs: tea pot, cups & saucers, plates, silverware, glasses, tea, cream, sugar, tablecloth, centerpiece, etc. You may borrow CNC cups & saucers, plates, silverware and tablecloth. Set up a time with Michelle to borrow them.
  • Pamper your table of 6: Pour tea, pass goodies, create community.
  • Set up and clean up your table. Set up is on Friday, Feb 10 at 2 different times: 10:00am to Noon or 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Clean up will be from 4:00-4:30 after the Tea.

Contact Michelle now to join with CNC’s top notch hostesses: 635-5992  or leave a comment here and I will pass it on.

Traditions – theme for CNC’s Women’s Christmas Party: 1-3 pm, Saturday, Dec. 3rd in Rudat Hall


“A tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present,
with origins in the past” (Wikipedia).

 The holidays are FULL of traditions. Some examples include . . . . .
  • How you dress
  • When and how you decorate
  • The foods you cook/bake
  • What activities you engage in

 While the Christmas Season can be crazy busy, it is important to participate in at least a few of your traditional family times for 2 reasons. 

  1. Traditions help anchor the relationships with family and friends. The laughs, love, and meaningful moments build strong bonds and memories. These positive bonds and memories help the relationships to deepen and to maintain cohesion during hard times.
  2. Participating in traditions also gives a sense of belonging.  It identifies who “my group” is. “My group celebrates this way.  It makes me feel happy and secure when we spend time together doing our family/friend traditions.”

 CNC has traditions too. They allow us time to deepen relationships and build memories which promote a sense of belonging. One CNC tradition is the Women’s Christmas Party.

 All women are invited to attend our 2 hour Christmas party. Bring one of your traditional family’s dishes to our afternoon potluck. We will invite some of you to explain how/why this food is a tradition in your family.

More traditional fun. In addition to eating and visiting with one another, we’ll play a traditional British party game, Pass the Parcel. And in keeping with tradition at our Christmas parties, we’ll have a devotional.

 P.S. Bring a friend to share in this memory-building time.

Your Turn . . .
  • What are some of your family traditions?
  • How/why are they meaningful to you?
  • Do you “have” to do them or do you skip them now and again?
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Come to Retreat June 10-12 Because . . .


It’s a one time a year event. If you attend, you can refresh your relationship with God, others and yourself. Your chores and other responsibilities will be put on hold.

Therefore, the distraction-free environment(except for the awesome surroundings of Lake Tahoe) will allow you time to . . .

  • Worship,
  • Learn,
  • Play, and
  • Have solitude.

Sign up today. Click on the link for the Women’s Retreat Brochure 2011 or pick one up from the Secret sister bookcase. Fill it out and turn it in with your deposit. The deposit is due March, 2011.

Have questions? Contact me at or 635-5992.

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Quiz Shows What Women Won’t Find At Retreat June 10-12, 2011

Draw a line from the list on the Left to the correct answer on the Right to see what women will NOT find at Retreat. It will  be at Zephyr Point Conference Center.

Long lines for the Women
Bunk Kill-Joy Women
Coin operated Schedule
Cliché Chores
Critical, And/or Kids
Jam packed Answers
Significant others Showers
Isolation from other Food
Household Bathroom
Bland Beds

Isn’t it great you won’t find these things at retreat?

But right now you will find Women’s Retreat Brochure 2011. Fill one out today and turn it in with your deposit ($90.o0). Or you can start making payments to hold your spot. Put Women Retreat Payment in the memo section of your check. Retreat cost is $180.00.

Go here to see why that’s a great bargain. Let us know if you have any questions. Contact me at the church at 635-5992.

Answers . . . Answers . . . Answers . . . Answers . . . Answers Below

  • No long lines for the bathroom.
  • No bunk beds.
  • No coin operated showers. Women will be staying in hotel style comfort with 2 comfy beds per room and a shower ensuite. These rooms typically house 2 women.
  • No cliché answers.
  • No critical, kill-joy women.
  • No jam packed schedule. Our speakers are real women who have found real answers. CNC ladies are gentle, accepting and fun. And the schedule is just the right balance between group time and free time, and between scheduled meetings and informal interactions.
  • No significant others and/or kids.
  • No isolation from other women. This is a weekend to spend on you. You choose how much alone time or group time to have. Because we will all be housed in the lodge, it will be easy to spend time with CNC women.
  • No household chores.
  • No bland food.You are forbidden to go into the staff laundry to take care of the sheets and towels. You are equally forbidden to enter the kitchen to whip up dinner. Instead, you will be pampered by housekeeping and cooks alike. You will enjoy the accommodations and tasty food.

Your Turn . . . Go ahead and sign up today. Deposit deadline is March 6, 2011.

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Boundaries of Secret Sis Prayer Program Help Overcome Prayer Paralysis


I like to pray. But sometimes I feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. There is so much to pray for. Sometimes I don’t know where to start and I don’t know when I am allowed to stop. I often don’t have good prayer boundaries.

I love the boundaries the secret sister program provides. On the Secret Sister form, we all write down our prayer requests. Wahoo – there is no guessing and no worrying that I’ll forget a major request.

I pray according to my sister’s written requests. However, many, many times I find myself praying beyond the boundaries. I think it’s because I am not worrying about doing it right. I will add prayers that are linked to my Scripture reading. Since I always make it a point to talk to my secret sister at least once a month (she doesn’t know I’m her ss), I add prayers from points that came up in our conversations. And sometimes as I am quiet, the Lord will bring something to mind for me to pray about. This type of prayer does not overwhelm or paralyze me.

CNC ladies, join us in this prayer ministry.

  • You’ll have good boundaries that aid in praying and encouraging your Secret Sister.
  • Plus, you will also receive prayer and encouragement.
  • You can’t ever get enough prayer.
  • You can’t ever get enough encouragement.

Why don’t you click on the link for the secret sister form 2011 pdf or the Secret Sister Form 2011 online form? Fill out the form. You still have time to turn it in to Marsha by the February 15th deadline.

8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Coming to CNC’s Women’s Reception February 12th


The Reception starts at 2 pm, February 12, 2011 in Rudat Hall. No need to bring any food. Bring a friend and your curiosity.

What would you add to this list of “Why You’ll Love Attending the Reception”?

  1. You’ll hear amazing stories of how God’s love, power, and involvement in individual lives make a difference.
  2. You’ll learn how you can help meet needs of those who don’t have much.
  3. You see how easy it is to support our workers through prayer, encouragement, and by giving money.
  4. You will sense how awesome it is to be part of a global movement of love.
  5. You will eat some tasty hors d’oeuvres(scones, cookies, hummus and chips to name a few items).
  6. You will have the opportunity to talk with ladies in an unhurried atmosphere.
  7. Our speaker, Rachel, is a funny, real, tender, godly,  20-something woman whom you’ll enjoy listening to.
  8. Rob and Mary-Jo will lead us in musical worship.