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Becoming a Godly Wife Small Group Schedule


This new small group, Becoming a Godly Wife, starts next week at CNC at the 9:30 hour. Below is the schedule. If you have questions, contact either Sandra Cowell or me at 635-5992.

Date of Group Meeting: Sundays at 9:30 a.m. CNC Chapter Title
November  14, 2010 Intro
November 21, 2010 1 Respect
November 28, 2010 2 Adapt
December 5, 2010 3 Domestic Leadership
December 12, 2010 4 Intimacy
December 19, 2010 5 Companionship
December 26, 2010 None No Class
January 2, 2011 6 Attractive Soul and Body
January 9, 2011 7 Listening
January 16, 2011- Last Group Conclusion
January 23, 2011 – New Group New Group Offered

“Becoming a Godly Wife” Group Begins Sunday, November 14th at the 9:30 Hour


Marriage, like any relationship, takes work for it to succeed. However, not all work is equal or intuitive. But when a wife works on meeting the seven specific needs[1] of a man, it can help him to feel deeply loved. “The power of a woman to complete her husband is immense and often controls whether he becomes all God intended him to be” (Becoming a Godly Wife, p 11). The book candidly discusses these needs and offers marriage exercises for the wife to complete. Implementing information gleaned from the exercises will draw the husband closer to the wife and visa-versa. This would obviously increase the level of commitment, intimacy and joy in their relationship.

During the 20 years of my marriage I read a lot of books on marriage and doubted that this book could show me anything new. However, I was wrong. While I’ve long known that a man values/needs respect and companionship, the chapters on these topics have explained the why and how in a way that makes me truly understand this need. I wish I had known about domestic leadership and attractive soul and body when I was married. Looking back I see how I let pride, insecurity and stubbornness interfere with meeting the needs of my husband, which is something that I truly wanted to do.

I’ve been practicing detached listening. It appears that women as well as men like/value this kind of listening. Since I am not married anymore I can’t practice most of my newly gained insights on a husband. But I have shared them with my mentee. As we discussed each chapter, my friend shared what she did with the information learned. And I’ve seen its good impact on her marriage.

In this class we’ll wrestle with these 7 areas and we’ll pray for each other.

Please sign up and pay for the book ($16) by October 31, 2010. We will meet at CNC in Room 8. If you have a question, contact Sandra Cowell or Susan Wright at 635-5992.

NOTE: I wrote this review 2 years ago. That is when my friend and I went through this book. She is still following some of the book’s suggestions with good results. BTW – There is a Becoming a Godly Husband book that also has great advise.

[1] These seven needs are respect, adapt, domestic leadership, intimacy, companionship, attractive soul & body & listening.