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3 Conditions to Finding God’s Will


God’s guidance is conditional. Romans 12: 1-2 shows that the good and acceptable and perfect will of God can only be proved after three tough conditions:

  1. Presenting Your Bodies a Living Sacrifice. All must be yielded to God. How can He guide you if you have a bias in your thinking, a sin in your life or an unwillingness to do anything He desires?
  2. By Not Being Conformed to This World. How can you know God’s will if you want to please others or yourself, or if you are more concerned about what others think or say?
  3. By Being Continually Transformed By The Renewal of Your Mind. Your mind must be bathed continually in the Word of God; your mind set on the godly, the good, the wholesome.

Then you can hear the still small voice of God in your spirit.”

The above quote is from The Church is Bigger Than You Think (p 288) By Patrick Johnstone

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